Finding thoughts 2

I had it with the chili, a bit is ok but they put too much in everything, and if I ask the food without it they bring it with chili and they say they forgot because they are used to using chili, and sometimes they say it tastes better with chilli that’s why they put even though I asked them not to. So, how many sexual partners have you had? Have you ever been asked…

"Finding thoughts 2"

Finding thoughts 1

I went through 17 pairs of shoes during the last 2 years because some of them break after a few days of using them or the sole becomes very thin and hurts your heels. Dog is very thing and everyone on the street feels the need to point it out, not one but 5 or 6 times each person, they all want to make me feel bad about it but no one knows I love…

"Finding thoughts 1"

Whatever 19

  What do you think about China? Well that depends Depends on what? On the motive behind the question, if you’re just being polite and making small talk I should follow suit and reply that it’s a really nice place, great food, great people. But if you really want to know what I think about China, I actually have a list of all the things that are wrong and how to fix each and one…

"Whatever 19"

On the China situation 2

  Tell me about those good things? Best thing is that there are no violent crimes, almost anywhere in China you can go out at 3 in the morning and feel completely safe, now how many countries can you say that about? 11 Which ones? Well, there is Canada, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, finland, and Iceland. Ok, well played, but you get my point? Yes, it takes a load off…

"On the China situation 2"

Mundane thoughts

Some people say that eating is one of the biggest pleasures in life, but not for us. We don’t eat? We don’t eat what other people say it tastes good, we eat what is good for us. I know many people will say we are missing out a lot because they have been conditioned to believe this kind of food tastes good and this other one tastes bad. We had to opposed preconceived notions regarding…

"Mundane thoughts"

Hey there buddy 3

  Be Skeptical. If you go to a job interview and the interviewer keeps reminding you how good this job is, then is not a good job. What if I miss getting a really good job because the interviewer was just being honest? You won’t, if your government constantly reminds you how free you are that means you are not free, because in a true free society no one needs to tell you that you…

"Hey there buddy 3"

Hey there buddy 2

  Ok, You know I often wonder if I play too many video games and they may be lowering my self-awareness, because I spend more time in the virtual world than in the real one.  That’s a good question, and looking back at all the hours I’ve spent playing video games when I was your age I can honestly say I regret nothing. Gaming is about memories that will last forever and you had a…

"Hey there buddy 2"

hey there buddy

Hey there buddy! ??? How was your birthday? Sorry? Today was your 17th birthday, right? Who are you? You don’t recognize me? Take a wild guess. I don’t know, but I’m scared. You shouldn’t be, I’m you, from the future. Oh. Oh, that’s it? Yes. You don’t believe me? Ask me something only you know. I didn’t say I don’t believe you. Oh. I believe you. So… a stranger suddenly appears in your room, he…

"hey there buddy"

Thoughts on general life advice that was given to me at an earlier time and place

But you know, actually, I agree with Gustavo that everyone should work at some farm for at least a month every year so that later when they come back to the city they don’t take for granted the food they eat every day. And my grandfather also was right about something. He always told me I should learn a trade, like carpentry, plumbery or something so that I can always find work in any country,…

"Thoughts on general life advice that was given to me at an earlier time and place"

The now cup

The now cup is a coffee cup, a mug that has the word “now” written on it, we use it to remind us to live in the present. Every time someone forgets what’s important and start worrying about silly things, I would make a cup of coffee or tea and the cup would remind them it’s now, not yesterday, not tomorrow. There’s just this, and this is what matters.  

"The now cup"