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Ria, are you ok?

Ria is a treasure hunter trying to find her way in the world while looking after her alcoholic friend. Bruno is a teacher who decided to take his dog on a trip. Peter is a freelance writer whose trip in India takes an unexpected turn. Bong Gu is a Chinese dog, sharing his perspective on the events he encounters on an open-ended journey alongside his master. Gwen is an alcoholic artist whose personality disorder is unwittingly unleashed on those around her. This is their story.








Gwen, are you ok?

A young girl has disappeared and a goat may have taken her. From Australia to Indonesia. From China to South America. From Canada to Mexico. Follow Gwen, Ria, and Bruno as they embark on an alcohol-fueled adventure to save a girl's life while trying not to get crushed by the enormous existential weight of being alive.


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