Mundane thoughts

Some people say that eating is one of the biggest pleasures in life, but not for us.

We don’t eat?

We don’t eat what other people say it tastes good, we eat what is good for us.

I know many people will say we are missing out a lot because they have been conditioned to believe this kind of food tastes good and this other one tastes bad. We had to opposed preconceived notions regarding the taste of the food so we can be able to understand the reasoning besides thinking this food tastes good or not. If you have been brought up thinking this food tastes good and everyone around you agrees then guess what, it will taste good for you.
Same as when we were learning about the religions.
And the biggest pleasure doesn’t come from going against the system, nor does it comes from eating what is good for us, it comes from being in control of your emotions and being able to make decisions based on logicalĀ  information and being flexible enough to be able to change your choices when new information presents itself.

But it could also be a logical reason to eat something because it makes you happy, it may even have more benefits than eating it because it’s good for us.
By, for example reducing the stress that means opposing other people’s food choices.

I concede a simple minded person would feel some degree of stress by having to oppose the norm. But we actually enjoy it.

I know we do, and I think there lies the problem, we enjoy it to a point that is not about the food anymore, is about sending a message. The message being that we can’t be easily tamed. That we are different and need attention because of that. That we want people to notice us and love us because we are lonely and desperate to be loved and accepted.
So we build the walls of indifference around us, walls that only a selected few will be able to penetrate.

Penetrate šŸ™‚

Truth be told we are probably not special. We are the same as everyone else.

But with somewhat heightened senses that are able to perceive things most people miss, right?

Some people, such as you, are able to express their views better in writing, while some others are better at speaking, more eloquent, other can’t do either, but they feel the same way. And we are all the same deep down, we all feel lonely and want to be loved and accepted. Some are better at hiding it than others.

And some can accept it instead of hiding it, right?

What if, hypothetically speaking, some people aren’t hiding it. It may be that they are surrounded by people that make them feel loved or it may be that after many years of being alone they have come to an understanding of their own nature and they have realized they were never lonely in the first place. Or what if they have understood they were lonely and accepted it and learned to be happy in that solitude. What if what they thought it was loneliness was actually a bliss reached at by being relieved of the stress and anxiety that come along with dealing with other people and social situations.

Some people don’t see social situations as a source of stress, but as a stress reliever, when thereĀ are people around that means they are not lonely anymore.
Those people don’t need to worry about social anxiety because they are not afraid of not being accepted.

I always thought it was the other way around, insecure people need to be surrounded by others and be accepted, confident people need not worry about what others would think so they can play by their own rules and do what they want.

As a cold reader would put it “you enjoy being with friends but also need some time for yourself” that could easily define the vast majority of people, the 90% maybe, and the other 10 could be that half of them can’t stand being alone while the other half can’t stand being with people.
People who can’t stand being alone may be that they have never in their life been alone, so being with others is all they know, as it happens in India, there was never the choice to be alone, to beginĀ with.
And the opposite is true for people who can’t be with others, it may be they have been alone for too long to adapt to communal life. Or it may be, as I suspect it to be your case, that people around you are just too different.

Or that may be just another attempt to make myself feel special and different so I can justify being alone, you said we are all the same deep down, we all want to be loved and accepted.

There was a theory about extraterrestrial life that explained why we haven’t yet made contact. It was called the ‘ant’ theory. We are the ants and aliens are us, no matter how hard we try to communicate with them, we are at a completely different evolutionary stage for communication to be possible.
The same applies to us, we can try again and again to communicate with other people but there’s no way they would understand, because they live in their own very different world, like the ants or the Chinese.

The Chinese? Can we say that here? Well, I guess no one reads this anyway…

It’s ok, I’ve been living in China for a few years, so I’m allowed to make fun of them, it says so in my visa.

I don’t think it does. And… I don’t think you should keep telling people about how the government harvests organs from the falung gong people

I do what I have to do. I say what I have to say.

Do you want to get sent to a labor camp? Because that’s how you get sent to a labor camp.

So be it, I’ll do my time and when I get out I’ll tell everyone, so they can feel sorry for me and pay attention to me.

Do you know how wrong that sounds?

And by wrong, you mean blatantly honest?

You mentioned a long time how you admired Carl Sagan, so why not adopt some of his tact and grace when it came to expressing his ideas. He knew he was intellectually superior to his opponents in any debate, and could shot them down at will if he had wanted to, but he always chose not to. He always chose to be the better man.

Plot twist: Carl Sagan was a robot pretending to be a human.

Plot twist: Carl Sagan was an alien pretending to be a robot pretending to be a human.

Plot twist: Carl Sagan was god.


Ok, how about this? Carl Sagan was god, god is not real, is a product of our imagination, thereby Carl Sagan was not real.

How could he be real if your eyes are not real?


I mean, how could the Chinese have invaded Tibet if they were too busy defending themselves from the Japanese?


I mean, what if light does behave both as a particle and as a wave depending on whether it’s being observed or not.

Light can choose?

Yes, light can choose, and so can you.

I can choose to behave as a particle or as a wave?

No, but you can choose bulbasaur as your starting pokemon.

That’s it?

Yes, that’s it.

I thought you were going to say something philosophical.

And when I was 12 I thought I would be a paleontologist when I grew up but guess what.


Nothing, I just like saying ‘guess what’.

You didn’t become a paleontologist?

The PSP game monster hunter may be the closest I got to it, but it’s ok because you know what?


Nothing I just like saying ‘you know what?’

It’s alright mate.

I’m not your mate buddy.

I’m not your buddy bro.

“I’m not your bro pal” he replied to himself as he snorted the last line of cocaine from his work desk just before calling it a day.

Plot twist: It was flour.

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