About understanding

Just some thoughts. 

We celebrate life and death, and accept death not as the end of life but as a part of it, a cycle where energy transforms itself but never dies, or not? No, we don’t, we are so attached to our consciousness that we fear death, death means change, so we fear change and we do the same things every day to avoid this fear of the unknown.

We treasure life in all its forms, and we try to preserve it as much as we can, or not? No, we don’t, 99% of people don’t really care much about the lives of the animals or the plants, and only some people care about other human lives, as long as they are close to them.

We know life is fairly rare in the universe, and consciousness even more so,¬† so we treasure it as such and we live every day as if it was the last one, enjoying every second. Or maybe we don’t, 99% of people are always on autopilot and don’t think much about what they do or why.

We are aware that every atom in our body comes from a star that exploded, we are made of stardust, we are the cosmos itself and we long to return to it, that’s why we go camping every night, far from the light pollution of the city, to feel like we belong to the cosmos, or not? No, we don’t. 99% of people sleep in their houses where they can’t even see the milky way and they stare at some little screen to keep themselves entertained and their minds numbed.

So how about that one percent? Can I be the one percent?

it is possible, in theory at least, if we learned to see things for what they really are.

Most of the times we just get confused, our thoughts and feelings misguided by a false reality we have constructed by adding together our upbringing, our values, and ideas, things our society says are this way, the little information we have at this moment and some assumption we decided to make at any given moment for any given reason.

An assumption that is not made by using reason, logic or pattern recognition but by some illogically ridiculous ways, such as taking the word of an authority figure o accepting the easiest to digest or more comfortable idea we are able to assimilate and understand at this given moment and closing the doors to anything that we don’t fully understand, is different, it makes us feel uncomfortable or contradicts our beliefs in one way or another.

Humans are capable of some amazing things and some terrible things as well.

Which side would you choose? If you didn’t have all the necessary information available to you at that time is is possible to find some way to justify doing terrible things.

I wrote a short time ago that my main goal should be to be kind, compassionate, peaceful and happy, but I must strive for understanding instead.

When there is understanding everything else will just come into place. Once you understand what is happiness, how you can achieve it, why you are not happy, why you need to be happy and the benefits it will have in your life, you can easily take steps to achieve it, because once you understand the whys then there wont be another viable option for you to take.

Happiness, peace, compassion, and understanding will be the only way to go and there won’t be any other logical course or action/thought.

Science helps us to think a bit more deeply about things.

And there really seems to be no way around it, for me at least.

Understanding leads to awareness.

Understanding will lead to peace and happiness and love, unconditional love for everything and everyone.

Some say “no waifu, no laifu”.

But I would rather say “no understandingu, no laifu”

Understanding is everything.

Or maybe it isn’t, we’ll see.



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