I was born and grew up in Rosario, Argentina. After high school, I went to Europe and many things happened there.

Then I got my teaching degree and certificates and spent nine years on and off between Asia and Australia, mostly teaching English, but also many other things happened.

In 2014, I adopted a dog and began traveling with her. In 2016, I returned to South America and many things happened.

My first book was self-published in February, the second one in April and the third one in November of 2018. Many things happened in Central America after that.

Currently, I live in Vancouver, BC while working on my fourth and fifth books which will be published at the start of 2019. This has been written from the future,  maybe.


Quick facts

Date of birth: November 9th, 1984

Place of Birth: Rosario, Argentina

Alignment: Chaotic good


Likes: Animals, Games, Solitude.

Hobbies: Writing, Reading, Jogging, Swimming, Meditation.

Values I hold dear: Freedom, Independence, Altruism, Honesty.

Influences: Carl Sagan, Murakami Haruki, Jaque Fresco, Jackie Chan.


Things I do

  • I collect funds and help the animals at my local animal shelter.
  • I travel with my dog as a way to raise awareness of animal abandonment issues.
  • I host people on AirBnB and  Couchsurfing.
  • I organize protests, demonstrations and speak out against the government promoting the ideas of The Zeitgeist Movement  and The Venus Project. 
  • I train dogs in general obedience and aiding people with sensory or motor disabilities achieve independence in their daily lives. I train dogs to serve as emotional support to help people with psychological or emotional problems and I also employ animal-assisted therapy during my classes to help children with learning difficulties, such as autism or ADHD.
  • I teach English and Spanish on Skype.
  • I run a small Spanish language school at my place for travelers, where we learn in just one week everything they need to get by in South America: How to introduce ourselves, the numbers, how to ask for prices and buying things, asking for directions, checking into a hotel and ordering a meal at a restaurant.
  • I work as a live and dual interpreter at Corferias trade fairs in Bogota for companies who come to Colombia to present their products and services to the local market.
  • I provide free guidance and assistance to people who want to travel with their pets but don’t know how to start. I help with all the paperwork, vaccines, microchip, and the logistics of it all.


And all that while trying not to get crushed by whatever economic system is in place at the time or by the enormous existential weight of being alive. And juggling with all that it means to exist, and aware to know that there is only one life and is very short.

Aware that I’m just a tiny speck of stardust, floating in space for a few spins around the local star, which is also insignificant compared to the other stars that are floating around in space among a myriad of galaxies. And knowing that whoever I am, whatever I say, do, or write is actually pretty meaningless when I put it all into perspective.

Maybe I am a brain a vat, or the universe is a hologram or a computer simulation. Maybe it’s all a dream-like illusion of some sort. Maybe you guys are all aliens, or clones, robots or a product of my imagination.

And for some amazing reason, all of the above makes perfect sense, and I can come to terms with it all every time I go to the park and see my dog running happily back to me, holding the ball in her mouth so that she can fetch it again.


Bruno and Bongu




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