Finding thoughts 2

I had it with the chili, a bit is ok but they put too much in everything, and if I ask the food without it they bring it with chili and they say they forgot because they are used to using chili, and sometimes they say it tastes better with chilli that’s why they put even though I asked them not to.

So, how many sexual partners have you had? Have you ever been asked that? How to respond? The fact that they are asking that question in the first place proves they won’t be able to handle the truth. But how many is too many? People who ask that are also young and they don’t consider you are older than them, we still live in an age where sex is rather taboo and no one is open to love you unconditionally, they love you if… if you do what they want and are the way they want you to be. If they love you, they must consider your past and judge you for it and consider your prospects for the future and what they can get from you in the future. Probably only your dog will love you unconditionally.

About my best friend, his name is Daniel and lives in Argentina, he tells me about the terrible things that happen there, and when I read about Argentina it looks like a much more terrible place than China. Their currency is worth 14 times less than it was last time I was there, insecurity an crime is always on the rise, government and police are still useless and corrupted, no life opportunities, they are prisoners like the North Koreans, the currency can’t be converted into foreign currencies like in Myanmar, even in China I can just go to the bank and buy dollars or euros. I know they have internet and freedom of speech but if I were to move to Argentina I’d have to trade my safety for the internet, would I be able to do that? Probably not, I’d rather not have internet but feel safe at home and on the streets. I’d rather breathe the cigarette smoke and not getting shot or stabbed on the street. Anyway even though I haven’t seen him in 12 years he is still my best friend and I love him unconditionally, so there’s that.

Uruguay sounds like a decent place. Brazil, Venezuela, and Colombia sound pretty terrible. Chile, Peru, and Paraguay sound ok, not great but ok. One of the things I learned traveling is that people are nice everywhere, yes even in China people are super nice, super rude yes but super nice as well, and the same guy who smokes in the bus will later invite you to his home and cook for you. People are very welcoming especially in the small villages, and even in the big cities there are also nice people, it happened to me that I was trying to take a bus, but they wanted to charge me 10 times the normal price for being a foreigners and some random person comes and pays for your ticket because they saw you needed help, things like that happen all the time, but cheating is also a big part of Chinese culture, not cheating to foreigners but cheating people who come from a different Chinese city or province and don’t know the local dialect. Foreigners have it easy actually because many people see that you are helpless and try to help you as well. Actually, China is great for foreigners and if it wasn’t for all the people smoking, it would be better than most Asian countries. Ok, the smoking and the censorship. Ok and the government and the police, police are usually pretty mean to foreigners, but the rest of the people are nice. Ok and the spitting, what’s up with all the spitting? I still don’t get it. Why they need to make those gargling noises before spitting. Ok, I don’t really mind the noise, but in very crowded areas there’s a big chance they will spit on you, or your dog if your dog is black and happens to walk next to them when they spit. They don’t do it on purpose, of course, they are nice people, but they are just too many and spit too much, so as the law of big numbers goes, statistically speaking, they will eventually end up spitting on you and your dog. And the shouting, why they need to talk so loud, I don’t get it, but they are still nice though, just very very different and special.

And for all the bad things there are in Argentina, the food is still the best I’ve ever tried and that reminds me, I will soon write an entry about the best food I tried in every country I’ve been to, or maybe I won’t, we’ll see.



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