hey there buddy

Hey there buddy! ??? How was your birthday? Sorry? Today was your 17th birthday, right? Who are you? You don’t recognize me? Take a wild guess. I don’t know, but I’m scared. You shouldn’t be, I’m you, from the future. Oh. Oh, that’s it? Yes. You don’t believe me? Ask me something only you know. I didn’t say I don’t believe you. Oh. I believe you. So… a stranger suddenly appears in your room, he…

"hey there buddy"

Thoughts on general life advice that was given to me at an earlier time and place

But you know, actually, I agree with Gustavo that everyone should work at some farm for at least a month every year so that later when they come back to the city they don’t take for granted the food they eat every day. And my grandfather also was right about something. He always told me I should learn a trade, like carpentry, plumbery or something so that I can always find work in any country,…

"Thoughts on general life advice that was given to me at an earlier time and place"

The now cup

The now cup is a coffee cup, a mug that has the word “now” written on it, we use it to remind us to live in the present. Every time someone forgets what’s important and start worrying about silly things, I would make a cup of coffee or tea and the cup would remind them it’s now, not yesterday, not tomorrow. There’s just this, and this is what matters.  

"The now cup"

about 30

  Man, I’m almost 30. You’re not even 29. Almost 30 is terrible! Why? Well, I’ve been wasting my life. I don’t want to turn 30 and realize I’ve never cycled around South America, never took the Trans-Siberian across Russia, never climbed Kilimanjaro, never saw the northern lights. That’s crazy, what have you been doing with your life? I don’t know, time just slept away somehow. Just like that? Yeah, I don’t know what happened!…

"about 30"

About Vanuatu and my life

The other day I got picked up in a van that was carrying 10 people from a country called Vanuatu, which I’ve actually never heard of before. I felt like I was back in Asia when they started playing this party music very loud and singing along. They said that in Vanuatu, they can’t leave someone on the street, so when they see someone hitchhiking they HAVE to pick him up, because of their upbringing…

"About Vanuatu and my life"

About pull ups / chin ups

  Today is a special day, the most special day this year. Today is the day I made it to 25. 25 pull-ups in a row. That was actually my goal last year but something happened and I made it this year instead. What’s so special about pull-ups you ask, well nothing really, it’s just my way of feeling better about myself. As that’s pretty much all I have, not gonna win an Oscar anytime…

"About pull ups / chin ups"

From here and from there

  Where are you from? I don’t know, from here, I guess. From everywhere. What do you mean? Just can’t limit myself to a town or a country or a planet or a solar system, or a galaxy. I’m one with the universe because the atoms in my body originated in the stars. I’m made of star dust and when I die I’ll go back to the stars. I feel one with every person, with…

"From here and from there"

Some day

Someday I will be the one throwing coins into the fountain instead of being the one picking them up. Someday I’ll be the one driving people around instead of asking for a lift. I’ll be the one providing food instead of asking for it. I’ll be the one who can look after and mentor other people. I’ll be the one dumping food instead of dumpster diving. Ok, no, that’s wrong, I shouldn’t throw food away.…

"Some day"

Your government is bad and you should feel bad

Today I was sitting in the park enjoying a relaxing day when a guy comes and starts smoking his cigarette near me while blowing the smoke in my direction of course. It’s not the first time, and it’s not because I’m in Asia. Of course in Asia, everything gets intensified because there are more people, but I’ve been having that problem pretty much all my life everywhere. Same happens when I ride my bicycle every…

"Your government is bad and you should feel bad"

Ready to die 2

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the concept of death. I learned that life is fragile, and unless you’re a very basic form of life, for most of us advanced organism with many cells and organs, there’s only one. So we gotta make the most of it, right? Or does it even matter? Life is so fragile that if a bus hits me while I’m crossing the street I will die and everything…

"Ready to die 2"