On the China situation 2


Tell me about those good things?

Best thing is that there are no violent crimes, almost anywhere in China you can go out at 3 in the morning and feel completely safe, now how many countries can you say that about?


Which ones?

Well, there is Canada, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, finland, and Iceland.

Ok, well played, but you get my point?

Yes, it takes a load off your shoulders not having to worry about safety, or guns, or being mugged.

Yes, even though they have plenty of ways to scam you and take your money, no one will come at you with a gun or a knife

Why is that, do you know?

The real criminals are the police and the politicians as usual, they have the monopoly on crimes, but i think it comes more to a cultural thing, if you scam or cheat someone that is a somehow socially accepted and expected thing, but if you commit a violent crime you will lose face and embarrass your whole family and get heavily punished by the law.

How is the penal system there by the way?

It’s actually pretty good for asian standards, unique I would say, they don’t punish sex offenders, swindlers or petty crimes, they don’t punish any corruption-related acts because most people are corrupted here and bribing is just how business is conducted here, they don’t punish any kind of fraud, what they do punish is violent crimes, and blasphemy against the government, but they usually don’t forge evidence like in south america, nor do they usually imprison innocent people and force them to confess to something they didn’t do like in japan. All the people here they know what they can and can’t do, can’t say bad things about the government and can’t commit violent crimes and that’s it, everything else is alright. How many countries in south america and asia they just hold on to the thieves or murderer for a few hours and just let them go?

32, but why not africa?

Africa is a lost cause already.

isn’t that racist?

Maybe but I have to be honest, even if I’m wrong, and you know I am always willing to change my stance when new evidence arrives. I think they are too long gone with murder and rape and genocide, i feel like they don’t know the value of human life, or the millions of years of evolution behind their lives, or the miracle of consciousnesses.

What’s next voting for trump? and what is consciousness anyway?

It feels like Trump is an honest person, he is a terrible person as well and he knows it, but he doesn’t pretend to be a nice guy who wants the best for his country.

So it’s better to have an honest terrible person than a good person who often has to lie to protect the interests of big corporations?

I’d say so yes.

What if there is a war?

If there’s a war he will probably admit there is a war because he is a terrible person and a terrible politician, but obama or hillary they would just blame the circumstances or blame other country or say they are not directly responsible for the conflict.

But before you said there are wars because people go to wars now you think it’s the politician’s fault?

Well, it should be the politician’s job to solve conflicts without using force, when there is a war that means the politicians have failed to do their job properly, maybe they think their job of talking to each other is too difficult so they just gave up and send the army.

Ok, then how about foreign relationships in china, are the politicians doing a good job there?

A terrible job, I don’t really understand why china needs so many enemies and why they want to make trouble for all their neighbors. They always find some excuse, like the border, or some tiny forgotten island, but why they do that I can’t really wrap my head around.

Maybe they just enjoy going to that drama place.

Maybe or maybe there’s something else, there is a reason why not just china but most countries just can’t all be happy together, and the reason is not a religious one or economical one, and I don’t have it so clear myself yet, but i suspect it has something to do with not being happy with how we are or what we have. I know there is no such a thing as human nature, but there is sometimes a predisposition to wanting something different. Like people who have been in a relationship or doing a job for a long time tend to feel suffocated and lose that spark that brings joy to life, that spark that sometimes you can see in travelers, that spark that makes you feel alive, that makes you being there in the moment and enjoying it.

As you said it is not an easy concept to grasp, but if only as a theory, it does make some sort of sense that the politicians enjoy conflict because it makes them feel alive that’s why they create all these problems to each other and to the people from their countries.

Either that or they are just terrible people

Either that or they are doing the best they can with the knowledge they have, their skills and abilities, the resources at their disposal, and the situation at hand.

Yes, could be either of them.



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