It all comes together

The continental drifts, the great dying and other mass extinctions, the climate changes, evolution, it all leads you to this very moment in life, you are here because million other beings were brave, tough and lucky to pass on their genes to you.We could say then that now is your time to shine, and there’s nothing to stop you from doing it, there are no predators, no ice age coming anytime soon, we can fight off starvation and diseases, and there’s no meteorite going to hit our planet in the near future.

I concede most governments are doing their best to give us a hard time, last year alone they spend 175 billion in war, so they can kill the humans that they don’t like. They put checkpoints and people with guns here and there to scare you. They make rules, laws, and policies to take away your freedom in as many ways as they can, they pollute the air and the rivers, cut down the trees and kill the animals, they try to make you a slave of their system through low wages and social control, they make sure you are not able to save or earn enough money to live a happy life, and in the case that you decide that money doesn’t bring happiness, they use social pressure to make sure you stay in the path they want you to follow so they can control your life.

But once you can bypass the governments, it’s just you and the earth, there are still plenty of places unexplored out there, unexplored to you at least, and you can choose.

You can choose if you want to be alone or with others, you can choose what to eat and when, what to do and what not to do, what to think and how to live your life away from that pressure you once had.

That pressure to keep the government and people around you happy, because you knew if you didn’t do what they wanted you to they wouldn’t have let you be happy or at peace with yourself.

Truth is though, that while the 99% of people are fighting for you to stay in the system there’s still that 1% like myself that are fighting to get you out of the system, with the hope that someday, if enough people start refusing to cooperate with a system based on slavery and income inequality, it will just collapse by itself or become obsolete.

Lies, lies, shameless lies, everything people say to you is pure lies, they lie because they are afraid you will do something they are not brave enough to do. They are afraid that you will prove them wrong. They are afraid of you not reinforcing their ideas and beliefs. they just want reassurance, so they want you to agree with them and do what they do.

But maybe so do I, either way I still need to share a valuable piece of knowledge, it doesn’t matter what you do or don’t do in your life, if you work or not, if you have a family or not, if you are rich or poor, it’s all the same, true freedom comes from understanding and accepting your destiny, accepting death.

if you are happy or sad, sleep on the street or in a house, have many friends or none, it’s all irrelevant, because once you accept that life is short, you will die and your consciousness will be lost forever, with all your memories and experiences, you will start caring less about what others think, do or say, because they are at a different wavelength.

What do you want to do today? Want to go tell your neighbor that you love him/her? That is fine. Want to quit your job and go living on the mountain eating insects you find under the rocks? That is fine. Or maybe drink a bottle of whiskey and jump of a building with a parachute blasting the opening theme of one punch man on your headphones, that is fine and is probably the best thing you could do today, or don’t, both are good options as long as you understand and are in peace with the fact that you will die either way.



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