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Be Skeptical. If you go to a job interview and the interviewer keeps reminding you how good this job is, then is not a good job.

What if I miss getting a really good job because the interviewer was just being honest?

You won’t, if your government constantly reminds you how free you are that means you are not free, because in a true free society no one needs to tell you that you are free, if China was a free country they would just call themselves China, instead of people’s republic of China, and North Korea would be called North Korea instead of democratic people’s republic of North korea, Congo would be just congo instead of democratic republic of the congo and..

ok, I got it.

If your parents remind you often how lucky you are because of so and so, it means you are not lucky and they just want to make you feel guilty so you will bend to their will.
If a girl says you don’t need to use a condom that means you do need to use a condom because…

Got it.

If something sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true. Most scams prey on people’s greed and their desire to get something for nothing.

Why can’t I just trust everyone and take their words for it, I don’t want to worry about people cheating on me, being an adult sucks.

I know, it’s like being dead but you’re still here.

I wouldn’t ever trust the governments anyway.

There will be some revolutions in the future, Ukraine, Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Thailand,  etc, but they usually just want to patch up the system, instead of fixing it or building one that works for everyone, so it’s not worth joining, there was one in Iceland that got good results though, but the others were all quite violent and we shall never engage in any kind of violent activities, no matter what, there is no excuse for violence, ever.
The reason there are wars is that people keep going to wars. 

I see. So how to handle a violent situation?

Best we can do is stand there and make sarcastic comments.

Got it. But how can I get a girl?

I thought we covered that already, you need to get stronger, that will make you confident.

But I need more advice, something that doesn’t take years to master, something I can use tomorrow.

Tomorrow at the Pokemon tournament?  


Ok, how about the 3 seconds rule? Or was it 5 seconds?

You mean where we eat what we just dropped?

Yes, but in this case is girls instead of food. After making eye contact you approach within a few seconds to avoid awkwardness or coming up as creepy.
Remember girls want someone strong, independent, spontaneous and confident, someone, who doesn’t doubt himself and that is the image you project when you approach within the first few seconds of making eye contact. Otherwise, they’ll be able to smell your fear.

Got it, what else?

They also want someone who doesn’t need them. Someone who doesn’t want them, so if you ignore them and don’t look so desperate they will just come to you. 
There’s a reason why they usually come when you already have a girlfriend, is because they can feel, sense, or to put it more accurately, perceive that you don’t need them. And that’s what makes you attractive in their eyes.
I know it doesn’t make much sense but it doesn’t have to, that’s girl’s logic and the sooner you understand it the better off you will be and the less pain you’ll go through, you don’t need to understand it, you need to accept it, is that clear?

Yes, what else?

Ok, everything I said about girls so far works for 90% of them the other 10% are the ones worth keeping, The ones who don’t need to be seduced or lured into a sense of security because they don’t care that you don’t know what to say. They are the ones who will love you for who you are and how you are, no matter what, the ones who will follow you everywhere you go and will always want to be with you and understand you. 
The ones who will appreciate you fully and feel lucky to be with you.
The ones who will not cheat on you but if they do they wouldn’t say something like ‘I was drunk’ or ‘it just happened’ they will tell you the truth instead, which probably is that they were just curious, lonely, horny or they just wanted to try something new, which is somehow understandable.

Are those valid excuses to cheat on someone betray their trust or destroying your relationship? 

Of course, they are not, but they are more honest than ‘it just happened’, they can bring some kind of closure, and by being honest they can open the door to friendship or at least a level of mutual understanding.

I understand, what else?

Now we need to talk about vegans, I know you are vegan now, but you’re making a mistake. 
I’ve been vegan for like 10 years and I regret the mistakes I’ve made, like not knowing how many grams of protein, carbs, and fats I should take every day, not knowing how many calories are in the food I eat, nor how much I require depending on my level of physical activity.
I know because of our traveling lifestyle is often impossible to boil the broccoli we need to eat after exercise, afford and carry all the nuts, make shakes with fruits and nuts and soy milk, being vegan takes time, effort, planning, and dedication at least during the first few years and you haven’t put much into it. 
A balanced diet is all about numbers, no more and no less, if you get that wrong nothing else matters, there are plenty of websites that will tell you how many calories the food you eat has, and after a few years you won’t need to worry about numbers anymore, you will just know it. 
Free range eggs are ok also, as long as you are sure where they come from there should be nothing wrong with eating them. There are plenty of soy protein powder shakes to drink after your last rep but I’d rather you boil the broccoli, cauliflower, eggs and beans, and nuts, heaps of nuts.

Ok, what else?

Now comes the hard part, talking to people about veganism. there are some kinds of people who just want to bash or make fun of vegans, just because they are different or think differently than them, so they deserve no respect, just walk away from them, don’t engage.
Whether you like them or not, vegans are people who have decided to take measures and alter their daily lives to lessen the impact on the environment and the suffering of other species and that is something that deserves respect, from any point of view.
The reason why most people hate vegans is because they come across as pretentious, obnoxious, extremists and arrogant. 
The empathy they show towards the animals is not showed towards other humans, and they will even shun most vegetarians and even other fellow vegans because they eat honey or because they agree with them 99% instead of 100%.
They don’t understand our point number 1, about remembering the monkeys, most people eat meat because that’s just the way things are and the way they have always been if they had been raised in an environment where people don’t eat meat they wouldn’t be eaten meat now.
But most vegans will see them as criminals for not changing or even acknowledging the impact their diets have on the environment and every animal and human’s lives. 
To sum it up, avoid other vegans, and avoid people who don’t respect vegans.

So just avoid everyone?

Yes, because none of them are willing to view or accept other people’s views.
All those specially produced vegan products also take a huge toll on the environment, global warming, water pollution, co2 emissions, extinction, and loss of natural habitat of many species. There is one solution is called freeganism, is when you try to use and eat things that have been discarded by society, which is quite easy in developed countries but somehow troublesome in underdeveloped countries, It’s what we will be trying to aim for.

Ok, I will ignore them, what else.

Don’t need to ignore, but learn how to dodge their bullets, if a vegan or a non-vegan asks you why don’t you eat meat just say you don’t like it. 

Same as with the religions?

Yes, if somebody asks you if you believe in god, just say you are not sure. Because if they were mature enough to accept your real answer they wouldn’t be asking that question in the first place. 
If you say you don’t believe in god they will ask you very aggressively ‘so what do you believe in?’ because in their minds we all have to believe in something and it has to be something that has been pre-scripted by someone else and that other people believe in as well.
You can’t just go around life happily smelling the flowers and not believing in anything, that would be a crime in their minds.
And the same goes for people who ask you ‘what do you do?’ People who ask you that question is because they will only accept an answer they have heard before and they can relate to, something that will make them feel safe with themselves and grant them the knowledge that you are also a productive member of society that contributes to it as much as they do. But they know nothing about the real world or alternative ways of living, they just want validation, reassurance and you’re gonna try to give it to them.
‘What do you do?’ is not the same as asking ‘what’s your job?’ 
People who ask the first question they assume there is only one thing a person can do during their whole lives, people who ask the second one can understand some people often change jobs or do different things or they may unemployed, underemployed or volunteering their time, or building a robot, or on a long life holiday, they may be fed up with the system and searching for something else, they may be writing a novel or playing videogames the whole day but those are things they can’t understand because they can’t relate to them.
So you can be honest with people who ask you ‘what’s your job?’. People who ask you ‘what do you do?’ must be dealt in the same way as the vegans, vegan haters, and religious people. The truth is too much for them to handle so just lie to them, tell them what they want to hear, it doesn’t matter, you could be a rock star for all they know.

1. Remember the monkeys.  2. There are 200 other countries.  3 Train your Nose  4. Tell family you love them.  5. Talk to yourself 6. Get stronger. 7. Do what’s right.  8. Sign up to Couchsurfing. 9. Keep playing video games 10. Penis is ok. 11. Make the most of my life. 12. Avoid religions. 13. Avoid talking about diets. What else?

give me two years

What? Ok


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