About pull ups / chin ups


Today is a special day, the most special day this year. Today is the day I made it to 25.
25 pull-ups in a row.
That was actually my goal last year but something happened and I made it this year instead.
What’s so special about pull-ups you ask, well nothing really, it’s just my way of feeling better about myself.
As that’s pretty much all I have, not gonna win an Oscar anytime soon, I have no money, no friends, no job, no girlfriend, no house, been sleeping in a tent for over a month now.
I’m technically a failure in every possible way, pull-ups are all I have to feel good about myself. Something I can say I’m good at.
As I’ve never crossed paths with someone who could do 25 pulls ups in a row before, some guys I’ve met could do 10, but that was it.
Everyone you meet is better than you at something, and I want to be better at something also, I want to feel healthy, I want to feel strong, want to feel proud of myself.
Pull-ups are the best because you don’t need to go to the gym, just need to find a tree or some stairs, they are like the squats of the upper body, if you are jogging and stop for pull-ups they will give you that push you need to continue jogging a while longer and if you are cold or lonely and stop for pull-ups you’ll get warm immediately.
Pull-ups are the single best thing for those of us who need to fill their empty and meaningless lives with a false sense of achievement that would help them sleep at night and make it through another day of immeasurable solitude.

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