Some day

Someday I will be the one throwing coins into the fountain instead of
being the one picking them up.
Someday I’ll be the one driving people around instead of asking for a lift.
I’ll be the one providing food instead of asking for it.
I’ll be the one who can look after and mentor other people.
I’ll be the one dumping food instead of dumpster diving.
Ok, no, that’s wrong, I shouldn’t throw food away.
How about this:
Someday I’ll be the one growing food instead of scavenging for it.
That’s better.
Someday I’ll be the one stealing the pot from the fish.
Ok that’s also wrong.
Or maybe not so wrong?
Well, I’m not sure
I know the Chinese fish for example, they just want to gamble.
They don’t care about equity, just want the rush of playing.
So it’s actually not so wrong, as you are giving them what they want.
An experience.
And isn’t that what life’s all about anyway, experiences, enjoying the ride, going all in and having fun.
Why do we have to worry about implied odds, rakeback, bankroll, cheap showdown, collision, etc. The fish doesn’t worry about anything, they just play for fun
They have other sources of income so they can afford to go all in with a low hand.
Some day I’ll be a fish.

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