Who am I?

Bruno: Almost 28 and still don’t know who am I.

Friend: I know who you are.

Bruno: Tell me.

Friend: You’re that guy who posts all the tentacle porn in 4chan.

Bruno: You mean hentai?

Friend: And you’re the one who’s afraid of relationships, afraid of the police, afraid of governments and afraid of showing your feelings.

Bruno: You sure about that?

Friend: Yes, and you’re that guy who goes to Mc Donalds and steals their toilet paper. Always looks for money on the street and have somehow found a way to refill your tiny bottle of shampoo at the supermarket.

Bruno: Sounds like I’m having a rough time.

Friend: Well you haven’t had a stable source of income since 2006 because you have some kind of issue with authority that for some reason doesn’t allow you to follow orders from people or doing stuff you don’t want to do.

Bruno: No source of income means I’m poor?

Friend: Actually you’re rich.

Bruno: How come?

Friend: You’re very rich, but your wealth cannot be found in any bank account. It comes in different ways. It’s inside you. You’re rich because you’re smart, frugality has brought resourcefulness along,  you learned to read people, you have many talents, you can speak many languages, you’re young, you’re free and handsome, and healthy, you have an exciting life ahead of you, and overall you’re rich because you have so many people who care about you, you have family and friends in like what, 30 countries? And they all worry about you. You’re rich and would be foolish to think otherwise.

Bruno: It sounds like I’m very rich indeed.

Friend: We are all rich in many ways. But some of us haven’t yet learned to appreciate what we have, so sometimes we just need someone to remind us who we are, someone to remind us how rich we are.

Bruno: Thank you for reminding me today my friend.

Friend: My job here is done.


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