Whatever 2

Friend 2: Seriously, you are 27 already! You should have achieved some stuff in life, you should know where you are, what you do and what you want to do in the future, you are not 18 anymore.
Bruno: And you are also 27! You should have achieved a state of mind in the one you don’t care about achieving anything anymore. In the one, you are free from your own fears and insecurities. Including the insecurity of not having achieved anything by 27.

Friend 2: No one is free from their own thoughts though, not even me.

Bruno: But some people at least try to break free.

Friend 2: What’s the point of trying?

Bruno: What’s the point of anything? What’s the point of asking ourselves what’s the point of something?

Friend 2: You should at least know what you want to do in to with your life.

Bruno: No one knows what they want to do or what makes them happy, some people think they know and then they do it and it gets boring so they want to do something else instead. But why we have to do something or be something, why can’t be enough that we exist?

Friend 2: Existing is not enough you need to do something else.

Bruno: What if I don’t want to? If I choose just to exist, just to occupy this space I’m sitting at right here and nothing else.

Friend 2: Sitting here is not gonna get you anywhere.

Bruno: That’s the point.

Friend 2: Sitting here is not gonna get you laid.

Bruno: I don’t need that.

Friend 2: Sure you do, all people do.

Bruno: Some people don’t care.

Friend 2: There’s still pornhub though.

Bruno: Whatever.

Friend 2: “Whatever”.


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