Things I feel guilty about

  • Taking an airplane, because I know how much pollution it generates.
  • Not reading more.
  • Eating Nutella, because I know it’s not vegan and some animals had to suffer for me to have it.
  • I feel guilty if I take more than a few minutes in the shower because I feel that I waste water, even though probably the water gets somehow recycled and serves the crops or some other purpose.
  • Forgetting to take my own bag if I go to the market.
  • If I don’t eat at least a few fruits every day or don’t take my vitamins.
  • If I don’t give money to the homeless on the street, or don’t give them clothes if I’m wearing too many.
  • Flushing after peeing, or using the washing machine when it’s not full of clothes, I feel like I waste water also, and think that somewhere, someone has now water to drink.
  • If I spent more than 5 dollars on a meal. Because I know a modest meal is enough for me, and so many people don’t have any money, so I shouldn’t waste mine. If I can have a nice warm meal with 3 dollars there’s no reason to spend more than that.
  • If I buy anything that I don’t really need.
  • If I forget to say thank you to the bus driver before getting off.
  • Watching a fictional movie instead of a documentary, because I feel like I don’t learn anything (I probably do learn some things though).
  • Living in Seoul, because I know the air here is very bad and it’s hurting me more than I’m aware of.
  • Feeling guilty about feeling guilty.

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