Shave your head

Bruno: Let’s shave our heads today!

Friend: What? Where did that come from?

Bruno: Let’s shave our heads, baby!

Friend: What? You call yourself baby now?

Bruno: Yeah baby.

Friend: Ok baby, let’s shave.

Bruno: What? Wait, are you sure of this?

Friend: No. But you just said so, I’ll just play along.

Bruno: You’re not supposed to play along, you’re supposed to bring me down to earth and tell me it’s a silly idea.

Friend: I think it’s a great idea actually.

Bruno: Is it?

Friend: Sure, well you may loose some of your charms, but you’ll save some money in shampoo and hair products.

Bruno: I never use shampoo or hair products anyway.

Friend: So you’ll save some money on the hairdresser.

Bruno: I don’t spend on that either.

Friend: So on water, if you need to wash it less often.

Bruno: That one either.

Friend: Eewww, so it makes no difference, you always wearing a cap anyway.

Bruno: True.

Friend: So just do it.

Bruno: Ok baby, let’s do it together.

Friend: Forever alone level: schizophrenia.

Bruno: What can I say? I’ve been lonely.

Friend: You’ll be fine either way, you’ll be fine if you just stop worrying.

Bruno: I’ll be fine either way.

Friend: Everything’s gonna be just fine.

Bruno: Just fine.

Friend: Everything’s gonna be A-okay!

Bruno: A-okay!

Friend: You see, you’re feeling better now.

Bruno: I feel better.

Friend: You’re so lucky you have me.

Bruno: I’m lucky to have you.

Friend: You did well, now relax, take a deep breath and just sleep, that tomorrow it will be a wonderful day.

Bruno: I’ll just sleep.

Friend: Sleep.

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