Bruno: Let’s go on a trip!
Friend 2: What, again? A trip of the mind?
Bruno: No, no, this time is for real, let’s go somewhere else, somewhere far away.
Friend 2: Like where?
Bruno: Anywhere, doesn’t matter, I feel a bit stuck and it’s time to move forward.
Friend 2: But, I have to work.
Bruno: You’ll find a new job later.
Friend 2: Later when?
Bruno: Later at a subsequent time.
Friend 2: What?
Bruno: Later in a few months, or next year, when you run out of money.
Friend 2: What about my family and friends?
Bruno: Family will understand, and you’ll make new friends.
Friend 2: Family will not understand and I like my friends, I don’t want new friends, I like the ones I have.
Bruno: Oh, come on, look at the horizon, we don’t know what’s out there and that’s exciting, we should find out!
Friend 2: How about my girlfriend?
Bruno: She will understand.
Friend 2: No, she won’t!
Bruno: Well if you guys are meant to be together, in the end, you will, don’t worry so much now.
Friend 2: No way.
Bruno: When was the last time you did something spontaneous? Last time you decided to go on a trip and 2 hours later you were on the road.
Friend 2: Ok, let’s say I say yes, where would we go?
Bruno: That’s not important, anywhere, it’s about the trip not about the destination. You get to choose, is there somewhere you’ve always wanted to go?
Friend 2: Yeah, I’ve always wanted to go to Mongolia.
Bruno: Mongolia it is then!
Friend 2: And when are we coming back?
Bruno: Coming what?

Friend 2: Coming back.

Bruno: Oh, we’re not.

Friend 2: Why not?

Bruno: Because we’ve been here already, it’s time to move forward.
Friend 2: And what’s the point of it?
Bruno: No point

Friend 2: Why traveling so much?

Bruno: No reason.

Friend 2: What do we expect to achieve in the end?

Bruno: Nothing.

Friend 2: So, we will just wander around in Mongolia like lost souls, without a goal or an aim.

Bruno: Yeah. Sounds good, don’t you think so?

Friend 2: 26 without a purpose or direction

Bruno: Like that song from Blink.

Friend 2: 27 actually.

Bruno: Whatever.

Friend 2: “Whatever”.


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