Can write again


I’m not sure actually…
What do you mean?
Well, blogger is still blocked in China, same as google, gmail, facebook, youtube, etc, but when I went to HK I set up the posting preferences from this blog so I can post by email now, so came back to China, opened a Chinese email account and now maybe I can post again by sending an email to a specific blogger address.
But you can’t check if they get published or not.
Right, and I cant use my gmail account until I leave this… country…
And how is your Chinese email account.
Sup with you and puppies?
They are just cute so I want them in my email.
Or is it that think YOU are cute?
Well, I may be or may not be a narcissist, and we may possibly debate that some other time, what’s important now is that I don’t know if this post will get published or not, so I feel like I’m a castaway on an island and throw this message on a bottle, for someone to find it on the future, it may get lost, it may drift away or it may be picked up by a famous journalist who will publish it for the world to read it.
Thus making your narcissist ass famous at last.
That’s unimportant, once again, as I will never get to hear about that fame because of being stranded.
You must have many stories to tell.
If I remember right this is not your first year in China, so how come this didn’t affect you before?
The first year I was in China it was 2009, and it was a different world back then, we had a lot of VPNs and proxy websites, secure tunnel, hidemyass, it was slow but still possible to get on facebook and such, now they have blocked them all, even proxy and VPN mobile app.  Also before there was not much control over the foreigners living here, we could get long-term stay visas easily and pretty much do anything we wanted to, during the years I’ve been away there have been several witch hunts that led to foreigners being prosecuted and hunted like mutants.
And how does that affects your daily life?
Well I reckon is not as bad as North Korea or Somalia yet, but soldiers stop us if we take a bus to another city, they will target only foreigners and do routine inspections on them, they usually let us go eventually, and the visas have become a procedure so complicated that makes Russian visa look like an underdog on a troublesome to get visa contest.
Sounds like everything’s back to normal then, you hate the government and the government hates you. Except that now instead of living in a democratic country where you have freedom of speech, of movement and expression like Korea, Taiwan, Australia, etc, you live in a tyrannic totalitarian dictatorship where government is actually doing way worse things than what you accuse them to, thus giving you a fair reason to complain without people accusing you of being a conspiracy theorist.
I’m actually at the heart of the conspiracy now.
Last time you wrote about your adventures was while you were in new Zealand, what happened after that?
Too many things and I wish I could write a book just about the adventures in New Zealand, but then there was Australia once again and motorbike trip from Malaysia to China, and now, once again in China with a stable life and a stable job.
Why China? Why again?
Because despite China being a shithole, oh sorry, despite China being not such a nice place to live due to the current political, environmental and social circumstances. It’s still a place where foreigners can just show up and find a decent paid job from one day to the other, there are hundreds of cities and they all have hundreds of jobs. So one can always come to China to save money for a few months and then using that money to live a relaxed comfortable life in a peaceful nearby country (Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, etc).
So you will start posting here again now? I’ve got like… so many questions for you…
When I’m not overworked yes, and there’s still that Chinese email address you can write me to.
The puppy one?
That’s right.
I shall be hearing from you soon then.
Soon enough
Good luck.


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