Muslims, you’re doing it right :)

I started Korean and taekwondo lessons went on many outings this last few weeks and met some new friends.

Enjoyed a freedom few people can enjoy. Not freedom like spending all night showing your private parts in chatroulette,  but the freedom of being able to do anything you want or doing nothing at all. Without having to fulfill other people’s expectations, without worrying about the future and without feeling guilty about being “unproductive”.

It happens to me (and to most people I think) that when we procrastinate for a long time, a year or more, we start feeling guilty about not generating any source of income.

In our materialistic society we’ve been taught that time is money and money is time, we spend time doing things we don’t like and in exchange we get money. Any time spent not making money or learning something that we think in the future will be useful to make money is wasted time.

And even myself that I have been unemployed for many years now, still have to deal with those values that were unfairly imposed and inculcated on my subconscious mind when I was most vulnerable. During my childhood.

And now while enjoying this freedom, I get reminded that the Korean government has arranged things for me not to be able to find work and for me to have to leave the country every 3 months because they only give me 3-month visas.

And I wish 2 things:

1~ For me to be able to enjoy freedom for the rest of my life, freedom of movement, living and traveling anywhere I want, unrestricted by visas, borders, or lack of money. Without the need of a passport or wealth.

2~ For everyone else on this planet to enjoy this freedom. Because we deserve it, it’s our right, should be undeniable, like breathing,

But wishing is not gonna take me anywhere, I have to do something about it.

I know what to do, but I don’t  know how to.

I need to learn how to share everything I have, and then I need to find a way to teach it to people.

My friends from rich countries, Scandinavian countries, Japan, Australia laugh at me when I tell them we should just open all the borders, let everyone get in and out as they please and share the wealth of the rich nations with the poor ones. or better yet, organizing things for the poor one not to be poor anymore. They say I’m crazy.

And on the other hand, my friends from poor countries, S.E asia, Latin America, think it makes perfect sense to share everything we have so people don’t need to suffer anymore.

I don’t know how can I learn to share everything, but I know where can I learn it.

Muslim countries.

I was very lucky to spend some months in Muslim countries and staying with many muslim people and something that struck me was how detached they were and ready to share everything even when they didn’t have much.

For me, the first time I went to a Muslim country was in 2008. Was shocked and never thought people could be that hospitable, altruistic and kind. Just going for a walk, cars will stop and ask “hey, do you need a ride?” that made me smile and I was like “YES! Faith in humanity restored!”

Of course, after many years of hitchhiking, Couchsurfing and just wandering around I’ve also stayed with Christians, Buddhists and atheists hundreds of times, slept at many branches of the Christian churches and at are-khrisna, Indian and Buddhist temples. But no one was nearly as kind as the Muslims.

When everyone else asked me how long am I staying or let me stay just a few days, the Muslims won’t let me go, and if I say i’m staying just for one week, they always ask me if It’s possible for me to stay longer with them.

Same with food, or with their time, they are generous with everything and don’t expect anything in return.

So I think If I move there for a while and live with them I could learn it from them.

I’m an atheist myself, don’t believe in the paranormal, will never agree with the way they treat women and I know sometimes they are not so nice to each other, but when talking about generosity and kindness towards foreigners visiting their countries I will humbly take off my hat and say: Muslims, you’re doing it right!

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