Life in China

So, what’s the general sentiment at the heart of life in China?

It would be hard to say, hard to choose just feeling to represent such a vast nation’s real motivations, and it’s hard to criticize it, with the limit perspective of being generally just an outsider. We, as foreigners have heard or read most of the hardships the Chinese population has been put through, but we haven’t experienced them ourselves.

How about just one idea, of your view as an outsider, on the Chinese populace as a whole?


Well, it seems a great majority of people here have completely lost their goals and motivation, they just live to consume and then they die.

Is that any different from any other country though?
Probably not, probably people are the same everywhere and it doesn’t seem to be one enlightened nation where everyone’s well and happy, even financially prosperous countries seem to face lots of social problems like alcoholism and depression.
So everyone everywhere just lives to make money, then spend that money and then die? How about the artists, or the homeless, protesters, dreamers, visionaries?
I don’t know, but I have to go now.
Ok, bye.



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