New year’s resolutions

  • Becoming the spokesman of an anti-tobacco campaign in Taiwan.
  • 30 pull-ups in a row (I’m at 15 now).
  • Bench press my own weight plus 30kg.
  • Do some volunteer work for at least half of the year.
  • Get down to 10% body fat. 
  • Embracing dubstep, or maybe not.
  • Moving to Russia and earning a living there by doing something illegal.
  • Becoming more self-aware.
  • Not teaching English.
  • Keep practicing yoga every day.
  • Reducing the use of public transport to the very minimum, relying on bicycles, hitchhiking, walking and any other non-polluting ways of transport.
  • Keeping the consumption of resources to a very minimum by trying not to spend any money on goods or services.
  • Becoming less secretive and sharing my thought and my life with others (like I’m doing now).
  • Shaping my thoughts into something easy to understand and assimilate by the average person.
  • Play fewer video games, if at all.
  • Work less for money, if at all.
  • Care less about money and trying to live without it.
  • Drink more wine, have more sex.
  • Write fewer emails, talk to people more.
  • Spend more time outdoors, less time indoors.
  • Ditch technology and get back in touch with nature.
  • Help to fight for a world without money, crime, religions or poverty.
  • Understanding Russian people.
  • Learning more useful skills.
  • Breaking all the unfair laws.
  • Start using the Japanese keyboard instead of always typing romanji.
  • Learning more chinese characters and stop relying on pinyin.
  • Typing in Korean at least once a week.
  • Getting back in touch with some old friends in Germany and Argentina.
  • Being less logical, more imaginative, less rational, more creative, less scientific, more artistic.
  • Keeping things in balance, a bit of this and a bit of that
  • Instead of worrying about why is the world so messed up, doing my part to change it.
  • Stop saying “the” world, “the” planet, finding a better way.
  • Kissing a guy at an anti-gay parade.
  • Burning a flag at a politician’s speech, government event or national holiday.
  • Opposing the establishment, disobeying, questioning authority always and breaking as many laws as possible, without hurting anyone in the process of course.  
  • Taking the stairs instead of the escalator, always.
  • Acquiring regular sleep patterns.
  • Organizing and taking part in some peaceful protests and demonstrations.
  • Remaining peaceful, embracing non-violence always, even when violence is used against us.
  • Becoming famous and using my fame to overthrow Putin’s government.


Categories: life, Politics

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