10 minutes go

1,2,3, go!

What happened? Go where?

You have 10 minutes. 10 minutes before the internet finishes.

Finishes? What do you mean? No more internet forever?

No, just for today.

Because we have to leave in 10 minutes?

9 minutes now, go go go.

Alright, what do I do?

Just write anything that comes to mind.

Is this a test?

Yes, so you better type faster.

I don’t know, ask me something.

Is the government still evil?

You have no idea.

8 minutes.

I just write some random thoughts?

Yes, because all roads lead to Rome.

Except when they don’t.

Except when they do.

Are you still sleeping?

Yes, my consciousness is off. I’m not aware of the present, I’m a robot.

7 minutes.

Whatever, if the times runs out I’ll just continue tomorrow.

That’s not how it works.

Why not? I make the rules around here.

You have too many memories and ideas, and unfortunately, we still haven’t found a way to dump them all into a computer, so you have to type them manually.

Ok, I’ll try.

And you have to do it within the next 6 minutes.

I see… Give me a minute….

5 left

Well.. it’s my birthday today.

Really? I thought it was yesterday.

Really? I thought you had forgotten

How could I?

When in Rome…

What is it with you and Rome today?

I don’t know.

So you are 30 now.

That’s right.

4 minutes.


Any other news?

Yes, but they will reach you gradually.

Is China still a shithole?

Last time I checked.

Do you still feel sorry for yourself?

Oftentimes, but not without first acknowledging how lame that actually is.

I guess you have come to realize that there are a dozen plausible ways in the ones you could be obliterated from this world, so you must enjoy the moment because it could be your last.

3 minutes?

That’s right.

Can’t wait for this to end.

Well, we could end it right now if you wanted to.

And what should we do the remaining 2 and a half minutes?

Not fapping, I hope…

Oh, I forgot to tell you, we’re not using that word anymore.

Why not?

We just don’t.

Who are we?

Alright, just me.

What’s the name of your city?

Gejiu, but it’s not technically MY city just yet, I just happen to be here for the indefinite future.

Same thing.

Not at all.

1 minute left.


Any final thoughts?

Yes, when I woke up today, my head was a mess.

Alright, until next time then.





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