No waifu no laifu

Are you still into that anarchist thing?

Which one?
You know, that one with a weird german name.
That one.
Well, many things have changed since we used to go to the zeitgeist meetings from our Australian chapter. I have I given up on the hopes of being part of a system based on the efficient use of resources and sustainable development instead of a money-based economic system. The answer would be no, I haven’t given up, I just happen to live in a communist country where people actually thinks it’s ok to be gunned down if they complain about their government.
You know they don’t get killed right away right? They get tortured and their organs are removed while they are still alive to sell them to the highest bidder.
I know that 60.000 falung gong people, Tibetans, Muslims, etc all killed because of their organs because Chinese government wants more and more money, they can’t get enough of it. Western countries criticize China all the time because of their human right abuse records but they fail to see that the Chinese government does it just for the money, because they have been brought up to believe money is their god. I don’t think I’m an anarchist for following the zeitgeist movement, nor am I an anarchist for believing our socioeconomic system is structurally corrupt and in need of replacement. I really truly believe in the function of a government that looks after people, it’s just that the ones we currently have are more into harvesting organs and thrashing down everything than into taking care of their people.
And because of a vague understanding of how childish it is to hate the governments and how immature am I in some of my political views, I actually admire the venus project people for being mature enough for not needing to place blame on any individual or group of individuals. They know politicians are merely a product of a socioeconomic system in need of change and they planned every single step of the transition process. While some of us are just complaining and looking for someone to take the blame for our problems, they are actually solving them, all of them.
And are you still into conspiracy theories?
That would depend on your definition of a conspiracy theorist.
If you think a conspiracy theorist is someone who believes our politicians are reptiles, they hide aliens and secret messages all around then no, I’m not a conspiracy theorist. If you think a conspiracy theorist is someone who believes rich, powerful people meet behind closed doors to talk about ways to stay rich or get more power then the answer would be yes. And in my eyes, any idea or “conspiracy” would be automatically dismissed as false once the paranormal has been introduced to it. Either the paranormal or the complicity of more than a few dozen people. So yes, it’s very probable that 10 or 20 people got together and planned to assassinate some politician or blow up some building so they would have an excuse to invade a country to take over their drugs or oil industries. But no, you wouldn’t get thousands of scientists to agree on a wrong concept, the more people need to be involved for it to work, the higher the chances of the conspiracy not working.
Ok, so you believe only in conspiracies that don’t have supernatural points to it, that have less than a few dozen people on it and that involves the government doing something bad to the people because you hate the governments and you love the people, especially the underprivileged ones, right?
Well, when you say it like that…
In other words, you would accept a conspiracy theory to be true only if it helps you prove your point that governments are evil. If it doesn’t do good to your agenda, you would dismiss it. Or if they include something you don’t want to believe in, like the paranormal.
It’s not that I don’t want to believe…
Now that we are somehow in the realm of the unexplained, I heard you have been keeping a dream journal this year, is that right?
Out of curiosity mostly.
Because you read that article about lucid dreams, and you decided to do what they say and see if it’s true?
Yes, but just out of curiosity, there’s not much research done about it, and I have to dream anyway every night, so an inquisitive mind would try experimenting with it. Keeping a journal, doing reality checks to make sure I’m awake, if it doesn’t work at least it may help with my overall awareness of my place in this vast cosmic ocean.
Either that or you want to learn it so you can gang bang some Russian midgets or something.
What? No…
Bang some aliens?
That’s just sick!
Bang some character from an anime or video game?
That would be quite cool actually
Spot on!
No no, I mean that just sounds better than aliens or midgets but it doesn’t mean I would like to do it. I wouldn’t want my readers to think I’m weird or creepy, right?
It’s a bit late for that, they know you are weird and creepy because they have been reading you for a few years.
But I wouldn’t want to make it worse.
You just did.
I don’t get it, why do we have to bang something in the first place? Where did that come from?
I don’t know, we are sexual beings?
Are we? Or we chose to be so? Or we believe we are so? Are all animals sexual beings because they have sex or reproduce? How about plants? Or bacteria?
Bacteria are asexual beings, they just replicate themselves, so no, single cell asexual microbes are definitely not sexual beings.
How about plants? Are they sexual beings?
I guess plants can reproduce either sexually or asexually so whether they are sexual beings or not would depend on the kind of plant, but you’re not going to redirect the conversation so easily, I want to know which video game character would be the lucky one.
From the top of my head and assuming we live in a hypothetically futuristic utopian world, where banging video game characters is both socially accepted and encouraged, and if I absolutely ought to choose one so I won’t get banished from home or shunned by other members of this futuristic society, I’d say Aya Brea from Parasite Eve.
Really? I would have guessed some Final Fantasy character, maybe Selphie or Yuffie.
This conversation really took an unexpected turn. But I gues that if Aya would be somehow unavailable my second choice would probably be Athena from KOF.
How about a third one?
Maybe Ayame from Tenchu?
That’s cool, that’s cool, not creepy at all.
A little creepy.
It’s all hypothetical remember?
Of course.
See you next time?
That’s right.


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