About kachu tenshin amaguriken

火中天津甘栗拳 was a technique in Ranma 1/2 that Ranma used to pick up some hot chestnuts out of a very hot place, he had to do it very fast otherwise he would burn his/her hands.

I learned that special move as a teenager after watching Ranma doing it and practicing it a bit, never really thought it would come in handy though.

Until this year in New Zealand, I had 2 jobs where I actually had to use to kachu tenshin amaguriken. The first one was at a farm picking kiwis, we were paid per bin, so the more kiwis we picked the more money we got in the long run. I just went berserk sometimes and picked them like a monkey.

Another job was at a chocolate factory where I had to place chocolate bars as fast as possible on a machine that would pack them up. In this case, I didn’t get paid per amount of chocolate, the thing was that they kept coming and coming all day so if I missed one chocolate, it would get accumulated and had to be put twice as fast afterwards, and after a few hours of laying chocolates it could get a bit tedious. But it was thanks to Ranma that I got the confidence to do those repetitive mechanic jobs.

Thanks Ranma and thank you Takahashi Rumiko for drawing Ranma so he could teach me.



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