About veterans

???????: That’s pretty rude, my father was a veteran you know.

Bruno: Yeah soldiers are the worst shit.

Veteran’s son: They sacrifice their lives for you, for your freedom and you say they are shit?

Bruno: Worse shit ever, they don’t sacrifice anything for anyone, they go to wars and kill people. They think they are the good guys, but guess what, so do their so-called “enemies”. Your father was a piece of shit and so are you for supporting the army in any way.

Common friend: Wars are a problem, and soldiers are a part of it.

Bruno: No, they are not part of the problem, they are the problem, paid assassins, mercenaries who kill people for money like your father.

Veteran’s son: My father was a hero, the piece of shit is you.

Bruno: Yeah? Why? Because I don’t kill people? 

Veteran’s son:  Wars happen, but my father fought for peace.

Common friend: You know what they say…

Bruno: Yeah, fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity, and wars don’t just happen, they happen for a reason, and you know what’s that reason? Your father is that reason. The reason there are still wars is not the oil or the politicians, or the economic interests, or the borders or the religion. There are wars because soldiers go to war. People go to war, you know the politicians or presidents wouldn’t go to war themselves, wouldn’t risk getting killed.

Veteran’s son: You are pissing me off, I’m gonna break your neck.  

Bruno: Alright good man, come on punch me. You’re just gonna prove how retarded you are. Can’t have a serious discussion, can’t win an argument so have to resort to violence.That’s very mature.

Veteran’s son: I’m gonna kill you.

Bruno: Go ahead. You are no better than those soldiers. You kill because you lose an argument. So come on go ahead and prove everyone how intellectually inferior you are. Show me your big muscles, big boy. Grrrrr. Guess what, your father was a piece of shit and so are you for thinking violence solves anything.

Veteran’s son: …


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