About putting yourself out there

Why don’t you like Japan anymore?

Because people I’ve met there have no empathy and are oblivious to everything around them, makes me think it’s exactly the opposite I’m looking for.

Is that the reason you don’t watch anime anymore?

Oh, about that, I also don’t watch movies or anything else anymore either. Don’t feel the need to be entertained anymore and value my real life too much to waste it sitting in front a computer screen the whole day. So no more video games either.

Makes perfect sense, and it’s quite surprising actually, as most people I know still feel the need to be “entertained” by games, movies, tv shows, etc

I used to play Monster Hunter a lot, loved the part of gathering ingredients and materials, digging, climbing drilling and just seeing what you find, heading out
there and hoping for the best, plating the seeds and growing lots of food for your cats to make meals for you, yeah you make get eaten up by a dinosaur sometimes but it was totally worth it! so now I would rather go gathering to the forest or to the beach nearby where I am, scavenging and getting lost.
Monster Hunter is based on a prehistoric world but the countries I live in, New Zealand, south-east Asia are actually not so different from those prehistoric worlds.

Used to play lots of final fantasy when I was in Argentina, dreaming of this mysterious new places, being an adventurer, doing every day something new and meeting
new characters every day, that was the life I was dreaming of, and now is the life I have, what else could be better?

When I was at Simon’s place last week they always asked me what was I looking forward to, and I always said nothing, this is it, this is as good as it gets for me.
And developing relationships with those people you meet like in the game Persona, and letting them join you on your travels like in Suikoden, and getting scared while exploring your city at night like in silent hill and going dancing on the streets like in Audition, Bust A Move, Miku Hatsune. In Taipei is very easy to join the street dancers near SYS Memorial Hall, and in Osaka, they get together in Namba.

Possibilities are endless once you get off the couch and leave your place, I realized getting out there has countless benefits.
Once you are out of your house you get adventures x10, out of your city is another x10 and out of your country is another x10, that’s x1000 more adventure chances
just for leaving your confort zone, just for being out there, now if you’re actually looking for adventures you get even more bonuses, you get a x20 if you start talking to strangers everywhere, a +5 if you’re wearing something cool, a x10 if you sign up for random jobs or courses, another +7 if you carry an animal companion with you, another +30 if you learn to use Couchsurfing, meetup and other websites for getting together with people.

There’s no limit to it, really.

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