About rainbows

These days I saw lots of rainbows in the glacier, because it rains every day, and was thinking what did our ancestors think about rainbows? and northern lights? and earthquakes? And those fireballs in Laos?
They should have been so confused!
I wonder if they were humble enough to admit they hadn’t the vaguest idea what they were, or maybe they just rushed to attribute them to some supernatural source, because hey, they were always high right?
Or maybe they weren’t, I’m not an anthropologist but I suspect they were always eating some hallucinogenic roots or mushrooms or fermenting some strange alcohol, because why else would they invent all this crazy stories and rules, gods, sacrifices, they had to be like really high 24/7, right?
Humans just started recording history accurately around 100 years ago, before that we have some sort of idea what was going on, but there’s lots of guesswork involved, like with the voynich manuscript, we understand there are some drawings of some plant and its parts, some recipes, and the rest is just speculations, hundreds and hundreds of pages of sweet speculation.


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