Someone’s hiding in the dark


I’m always hiding in the bushes at night. Hiding from the people and the police because I find it sickening the fact that I live in a society that has to pay for sleeping, and frowns upon those who refuse to do so.
Often wondering if there are others like me out there, people hiding, in the same city, maybe in a nearby bush, people who are also wondering if there are others like them.
Probably there aren’t. Well, there are millions in poor countries like India, but those are people who don’t have a choice, so I don’t really feel as they are the same as me. Because I do have a choice, I do have a bit of money to pay for rent or for a hotel, and even if I didn’t, I know few of hundred people that would let me crash in their couch.
But still I choose to sleep on the street or hide because it’s my nature. Because it’s something I seek instinctively. When I’m just walking around somewhere I always keep an eye out for places to sleep, where I would be concealed from people, protected from the elements and the wildlife, where I can have a good night sleep.
And it’s not about the money anymore, it’s not about saving money it’s about doing what I feel like doing and about being by myself, because most days I don’t feel like socializing and talking to people, most days I just feel like walking around during the day searching or gathering food, and find a shelter for the night.
That’s what feels right, my body wasn’t designed to sit and play league of legends for 14 hours straight, it was designed to look for food and shelter, to survive the cold, the night, the predators (now we call them police), to adapt and thrive in a hostile environment.
It just feels right somehow.


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