Whatever 17


Why do you always talk to yourself?
Because I’m crazy?
You are peculiar. We agreed not to use the C word, remember?
Ok, then because I’m peculiar.
And why is that?
Because I’m not good with people
And you know why?
Because I’m different somehow?
We are all different in some ways.
But I’m special.
In which way?
In the way that I enjoy conversations with myself more than with other people.
And why is that?
I’m not sure, maybe because I get to ask myself the right questions and challenge them, like a psychologist would.
And maybe also so that you don’t need to put the effort to get to know, interact and understand other people?
Maybe, but this way seems to work alright, so why should I change it?
Because people need you, they need to be in touch, they need to understand you
People know me too well already, they know I say what I want and I do what I want. They understand I’m not so good with people that’s why I talk to myself.
But some people need you to take a break from talking to yourself and talk to them also, they need attention.
They are old enough already, they don’t need me at all.
It’s got nothing to do with age, they need to know you are there for them; they need to know you care.
They know that already, people who read this know more or less where to find me, they know how to contact me and they know if they ever need anything I’ll be there for them. But I can’t keep in touch daily  because I’m always traveling and internet is a luxury in NZ.
They know that, but they think when you do contact them you could try to be nicer to them.
I’ll try to be nicer then.
But not in a condescending way.
I know, I know.
You’re not better than anyone else and you know that.
I know! And I’ve never implied I was, I know I’m a prick sometimes, but I’m trying to change that.
Thank you for your honesty.
I’m glad we understand each other, I need you, you know.
I know, you need me to tell you the truth and broaden your perspective of events and people around you.
And to be there for me.
Alright, you’re not getting emotional, are you?
At least 50 times a day.
You’re right, who am I kidding. I love you man.
Have a good night.

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