save my friend

People who read this blog may have noticed an anti-government rage the writer of it often expresses.

That’s because he often times forgets that politicians and armed forces are also human beings, the fact that they torture and kill people doesn’t mean they are monsters.

And he fails to see that governments ARE the people.

Governments have no power whatsoever without an army or some mercenaries to enforce their decisions.

Armies consist of normal people who enlisted in order to help their governments enforce their policies, no questions asked.

Both in their country and abroad.

But today, reading about Korean history, about Park Chung hee and Chun Doo Hwan, some dictator that killed many people in 1980, his dictatorship was, of course, same as most dictatorships in latin america and the middle east, sponsored by the United States and reading a bit more about the massacre of Gwangju, I remembered all the other massacres from other countries. Times when the governments suddenly decide to just kill everyone.

Few weeks ago we went to a protest near the chinese embassy, it was a big one, called “save my friend” to save the north koreans refugees that china was about to send back to north korea so they can get tortured and killed for escaping. from north korea.

And journalists who were covering the event, knowing that foreigners sell more news, were happy to interview me, so they asked me “why are you protesting here?” I said “because governments kill people”  after that there was a pause,

I think he was expecting me to say something else

but i didn’t

and he didn’t

so there was a pause

but they kept the camera on

so i started feeling awkward.

and then they left.

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