The first Korean song I heard, was probably Valenti or no1 by BOA which was not really Korean, but probably Japanese, because she is Korean but sings in Japanese for some reason.

I heard it by accident because it was part of the song selection of the game pump it up that we were playing every day, and I thought, whoa, what is this fresh sound, so easy to listen, so, just so bubbly and cheerful, there was so much, I didn’t know about the world yet.

Now it’s been, I don’t know 5 or 10 years I dont play pump, but whoa, we had so much fun with boa, novasonic, mozart, djdoc, the songs sounded so crazy, some songs it was just people shouting random words we didn’t even understand, but we still danced and jumped like monkeys.

Probably it wasn’t the game though, or the songs it was just a reason to get together, to do something fun and meet new people, well not really, we met the same people every day but that was cool because we were there and BOA was singing and there was always a crowd around us and we felt like superstars even though we were teenagers and had no idea what we were doing.

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