What do you do?

Friend 2: It’s 4.30, what keeps you up this late?

Bruno: It’s not so late.

Friend 2: You don’t have to work tomorrow?

Bruno: No, I don’t.

Friend 2: BTW, what do you do? Are you working or studying?

Bruno: Is there a third choice?

Friend 2: Traveling?

Bruno: How about a fourth option?

Friend 2: No fourth option.

Bruno: Well if you want to classify 6 billion people you’re gonna need more than 3 categories.

Friend 2: Not really, most of them will fit under those 3.

Bruno: 99% maybe, but how about the rest?

Friend 2: Are you the 1%?

Bruno: Yes, but not that 1% you’re thinking of. I’m the 1% inside the 99%

Friend 2: Maybe I shouldn’t try to classify everyone

Bruno: We all make that mistake, when we meet someone we try to fit it in as many categories as we can, so it can fit a familiar pattern in our minds, we are afraid of the unknown so if we analyze it and label it as something we have seen before we can understand it, kind of.

Friend 2: And now it sounds like you are over analyzing things.

Bruno: Probably.

Friend 2: So, if you don’t work, that means you are rich, you are the evil 1%

Bruno: Rich, really? You saw me eating that bread we found on the street this morning.

Friend 2: I thought you just didn’t like people wasting food so you grabbed it and ate it.

Bruno: Yeah, that too. But you’ve seen me cutting my own hair.

Friend 2: Well, you have your own style.

Bruno: You’ve seen me going all the way to the supermarket just to eat the free food samples.

Friend 2: I thought you just liked to try different things.

Bruno: You’ve seen me sleeping in the park and on the beach.

Friend 2: Nature-lover.

Bruno: You’ve seen me grabbing the coins from the fountain.

Friend 2: Actually I have a picture of that.

Bruno: So, how can you say I’m rich?

Friend 2: Because you go to many countries and only rich people can do that.

Bruno: That’s ridiculous.

Friend 2: Well, that’s what I think and that’s what most people think. 

Bruno: But it’s nonsense. You know I’m not rich and if I were you know what I would do with the money.

Friend 2: Buy a pony?

Bruno: No, I would do the same I’m doing now.

Friend 2: Which is…

Bruno: Surviving.

Friend 2: Fair enough.

Bruno: I can live modestly with around 800 dollars a month, that’s like 10.000 a year, I may live another 60 years, so that makes 600.000. I know it’s stupid that we are the only species that has to pay to live on this planet. But if I were rich I would make sure I have the 600.000 to live the rest of my life on this planet and then just give the rest away, so someone else doesn’t need to worry about surviving anymore and can relax and enjoy the rest of their life.

Friend 2: Who will you give it to?

Bruno: To you.

Friend 2: Cheers.

Bruno: No worries.



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