About the christian family

As I said yesterday, I will try to post more about daily life stuff.

When I was approached by these people from the Christian religion I talked about int he last post, I was a bit scared,¬†because by stating your religion as soon as you first meet someone you’re establishing a difference between the 2 of you and bringing up a subject that is likely to make the other person feel uncomfortable.

If I were in the US, I’d be afraid that the person talking me about Christianity is a gun freak that has just voted for Bush and hates me for being a foreigner, but in New Zealand religion usually means good news, at least for me.

Families here have at least 10 children, one family had 11, and it really helped to see how happy all these children were, they were all running around, playing and having fun. and the parents seem to really care about them.

When I came home with them, they told me the children¬†were all being home-schooled, and they all learn some trade, electricity, carpentry, etc by the age of 20. That’s when I thought how I wish my parents had cared that much for me, and had taught me a trade when I was young.

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