The cities where people have no souls


“I don’t want to go to Auckland.” People usually say. If I ask them why not, they say people have no souls there, and I’m like “What?”
Just like the Sidney of Australia, it’s just not a nice place to be, or at least that’s what people say.
Everyone hates Sydney, everyone hates Auckland, and those who live there always complain and dream about moving to Wellington or Melbourne, you know the cool places, where all the cool kids go, you know those who smoke weed, wear hoodies and play in a band.
Auckland and Sydney, in the other hand, are where your boring old cousin lives, you know the accountant who works at a bank, watches tv, plans his holidays one year in advance and is always complaining about how he has to wait too long in traffic. The one who hates his life and goes knocking on his neighbor door because their music is too loud. They are trapped in the routine of a mundane 9 to 5 job, secretly jealous of his reckless cousin who lives a relaxed life in Melbourne or Wellington, yet they don’t seem to have to courage to change his life, and would never admit they want to anyway.
For me though, as a foreigner in Australia and New Zealand, I don’t really care much about neither of those cities and if I were a city I’d probably be Perth.
No one really cares much about Perth, its just there. Isolated. Far from everything, not many people get there because it’s just too far and there’s really nothing there.
Perth is like that cousin of yours who moved to other continent decades ago, and no one has heard much about him since.
They know he’s there somewhere, far away, they know he’s alright, minding his own business and without causing much trouble.
They know he is happy living life on his own, in his own world, in his cloud, with his dreams which are totally different from everyone else’s.
He doesn’t want to be an office worker in Sydney but doesn’t care much about those hippies from Melbourne either, he just wants to be left alone.
Not a leader nor a follower. Neither too cool or too boring. Perth is the place to be for those of us who don’t really fit anywhere else.
Perth doesn’t try to look cool, or impress you and doesn’t care about his big brothers.
Perth is just there.

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