About the bus


Let’s take the bus!
Na, I’d rather walk.
Why is that?
I just don’t like the bus.
What, are you too good to use public transport?
No, I’m just too poor to use it. It costs a lot, so as long as I have feet I’ll walk, run or ride the bicycle. If I ever get my legs cut off, I’ll then maybe… take the bus or the train.
But do you know how far is it?
Yes, it takes 4 hours walking from here.
How can you walk so much?
That’s because I don’t see walking as a waste of time like most people do. For me it’s nice. I get time for me. Time to think, it saves me money, I get exercise, I meet people, I find stuff on the way, I discover new parts of the city, what could be better?
With the bus, I have to spend money, which I don’t have and spend so much time sitting, which I don’t like. Sitting is the worse, also as with most other posts, the idea for this post came up while walking alone aimlessly.
Best ideas come when you are walking alone, without music, without distractions, just you and the road.
In the bus there’s always people bothering me, they want to hug me, or take a picture with me.
It’s actually quite tough being famous because sometimes you just don’t want to talk to people and smile and be polite, sometimes you just want to be left alone.
Sometimes you just want to walk, at night, through the park, thinking of rainbow dash, or thinking of a girl you used to know, thinking of what kind of bird it is the one that’s singing that beautiful song you hear in your mind while you’re making spaghetti, that songs that goes something like this “totororototo totorororo
totorororo tororototo tororoto tororoto rotototo tororo tototo”.

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