Find an excuse

Friend: Why do you travel?

Bruno: I don’t travel, I’m always in Taipei.

Friend: So why did you travel before, were you trying to find something?

Bruno: Not really, but you know sometimes you pretend you are looking for something, but actually you just want to have fun looking for it, if you find or not doesn’t really make any difference.

Friend: How’s that?

Bruno: Well it’s like some people when you ask them while are they still single, they say they are searching or waiting for the right person, when actually they are having a great time looking for that person and trying different partners to see if some fits them, or another example is people who go to college or university, they don’t do it to get a piece of paper like a diploma after many years of hardship, they go there for the parties, for the clubs, the environment, to be away from their parents, because they know they will make friends for life there and hook up with lots of people, you see in the end they had so much fun in college that the paper doesn’t really matter at all, it was just an excuse to do something fun.

Same goes for me.

I don’t want to achieve anything and not looking for anything, sometimes, I just find excuses for doing what I want; for example, when I went to Germany I signed up for the language school there, just to tell people I do something, but the school was only 2 hours a day and I didn’t learn much, life in Berlin was, on the other hand, probably one of the best times of my life.

Friend: Got it, so first I have to find an excuse to do what I want, and only then I can do it.

Bruno: Yeah well, it has to be a socially accepted idea, for people with narrow minds to understand, so should be either work, study or travel, you can not just say you’re going to Romania to find Dracula or going to Russia to build a time machine, people will look at you like “what?” It has to be something they can understand and relate to at the same time

Friend: Work, study or travel, got it.

Bruno: Anything else?

Friend: I think that’s it for today.

Bruno: Alright then.


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