Ready to die 2

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the concept of death.

I learned that life is fragile, and unless you’re a very basic form of life, for most of us advanced organism with many cells and organs, there’s only one.

So we gotta make the most of it, right? Or does it even matter?

Life is so fragile that if a bus hits me while I’m crossing the street I will die and everything I did all these years will not matter at all.

Whether I build a space station or stay at home masturbating every day for 20 years will make no difference whatsoever, because I will close my eyes and will never open them again, pretty mind blowing right?

Now that’s not a valid excuse to stay at home masturbating I know if everyone thought like that we wouldn’t get anywhere, but it’s hard to know that all the things you’ve accumulated all these years will be gone.

I’m not talking about material things of course, but about knowledge and experience, all the things you’ve done and thing’s you’ve learned, the people you’ve met, gone just like that, the bus hits you and that’s it.

Maybe the bus doesn’t hit you, maybe it’s just a bicycle, it hits your chest and a rib punctures your heart, and you get some internal bleeding, or you step on something and break your neck. Our bodies are so fragile, that every day we could die in a million different ways.

In Japan some people go to die at the Aokigahara forest, many others jump in front of the train, some jump from the window at work or at school.

Up to 30.000 Wapanese kill themselves every year, that’s one every 15 minutes.

Around 15.000 a year in South Korea, so like 1 every half an hour.

And that’s just 2 countries.

Sociologists and psychologists say the causes of suicide are usually stress, competition, social pressure and emotional isolation, but I wonder is it really that, or those people realized it didn’t really matter whether they lived or died.

That either now or in a few years or when they are old, but they will have to die, there’s no way around it. So they chose to do it sooner than later.

In the animal kingdom, there are only a few insects that can willingly take their own lives for no apparent reason. Most of them try to adapt to their environment, to the food they find, to the weather, to some stimuli.

But not us, some humans, especially east-asian humans will jump from the building, just like that.

That reminds me of once I did bungee jumping in China, I was so scared, and they had to push me.

How can some people do it without getting pushed I can’t understand?


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