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Life before Couchsurfing, for me, was totally different that it is now.

Like for most people, it took everything to a totally different level, changed my perspective and opened up doors I didn’t even know were there.
What is Couchsurfing? couchsurfing.com is a website for cultural and hospitality exchange in the one you can meet people and stay at their places for free.


But people who’ve used it before know it’s not about saving money, especially in countries where a hotel is like one dollar, it’s about the people you meet, what you learn from them and the experiences you have.


And an idea, the brilliant idea that lets us escape the monetary system and consumerism most of us are caught up into.


Best things in life are for free and we can help people out without expecting anything in exchange.


Same happens when you’re hitchhiking, the idea is also there, the Idea that someone will let you into their cars and give you a ride, just to help you out.
And on my particular experience, I was brave enough to leave my comfort zone, thanks to the people I met in Germany in 2007, especially thanks to my guests.


Thanks to them I learned among many things that:


–    * It’s ok just to receive sometimes and I don’t need to feel guilty for not giving anything in exchange.


–    * You don’t need money to travel, money is just an excuse we use for not doing what we want, same as saying: it’s too cold, too hot, I’m too young, too old, and so on and
there are 1001 ways to make money without working, or in case you don’t  like money (makes your hands dirty?) there are 1001 ways to live without it.
* Everyone’s kind everywhere, you just need to give them a chance to prove it.


* The concept of private property is as counterproductive as it is outdated, and the childish idea that “this is mine and this is yours” just holds us back from the true human nature that it’s to be kind and compassionate to each other and share everything we have, if there’s no private property we all own everything and we are all rich.


* The world is smaller than you think and everyone knows someone who knows someone everywhere.

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