So you can figure me out


Where I Am Now
Singapore, don’t know why though, no idea till when either, waiting for a sign, haha
Doing What?         Been Couchsurfing for a few weeks now and spending time with people
My Wish Today
I find myself quite happy today, it’s been raining quite a lot, but no deep thoughts have come, just a positive wish of enjoying the day, surviving the night and hoping that everything goes well this week, will worry about the rest later, well I wish I had a gaming laptop, so I could play Diablo and Skyrim, but not having one is also good, because it gets me closer to my final goal in life
My Final Goal in Life
– I want to get rid of everything, all the material things I possess, and I’m attached to, keep just one pair of clothes, no backpack, no gadgets, no money, just my passport and toothbrush (in my pocket) 
– After that I want to get rid of all the bad thoughts sometimes occupy my mind, like greed, anxiety, lust, envy, jealousy, possessiveness, hate,.want to replace apathy with empathy and anxiety with serenity.
– After that, I want to get rid of my irrational worries, want to stop worrying about the future, about the money, about the politics, want to be the best I can be and make the most of what’s left of my life
My Fears
A bit anxious about the future but not so much, much less than before. I still have that stigma of what would people around me would think or what they expect me to do, I try not to care, but I still care a little, a little afraid of running out of money also, but not as much as a few years back, I’m getting used to being alone also, that’s good, so not afraid of that anymore, and I think I’ve become more independent the last few months, just a little though.
Favorite Words Today
I saw it on a csers profile who took it from grey’s anatomy:
Maybe we are not supposed to be happy 
Maybe gratitude has nothing to do with joy 
Maybe being grateful is recognizing 
What you have for what it is
Appreciate small victories 
Admiring the struggle it takes simply to be human 
Maybe we’re thankful for the familiar things we know 
And maybe we’re thankful for things we’ll never know 
At the end of the day, 
The fact that we have the courage to still be standing 
Is reason enough to celebrate
Favorite Music Today
stroke 9, Tim Minchin, Clazziquai project, Yiruma
Place I Want Go
Taiwan and Russia, maybe 1 year each, also I want to go to Argentina and make my way north overland to Canada visiting all the countries in between, spending at least a few months on each (except Venezuela)
Also, every day is different, today I want to become a writer, open a small bookshop and become a clerk there, like the comedy black books, I wish I could write something interesting, a science fiction story, or alternate history. instead, I keep writing silly things like this.
Thing I’m into Lately
Chess, unfortunately there’s no one to play with, so I just play against the computer or some strangers online. trying to understand the higgs bosom field, game of thrones, the mentalist and persona 4 the anime, not as good as the games of course, but still good. Thanks for reading!


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