I'll take the green salad

Remember that episode of Friends when Rachel, Phoebe and Joey, tried to explain to Ross, Monica and Chandler that they didn’t have as much money as them, and they get dragged to this fancy restaurant and they can only order a salad and a glass of water. Because they always have to go “somewhere nice”.

That’s how I feel!

Not everywhere, of course, this usually happens to me in Singapore, Japan, Australia and Korea, because there pretty much everyone’s rich, everyone has jobs and most people are not aware that in other countries people don’t, and if they do they don’t earn nearly as much as what they make here.

As for other places I’ve lived before, it didn’t really happen much if at all, because if I meet some new person in Berlin, Barcelona or most places in Europe, chances are, he or she is probably unemployed too or earns very little money as well.

If I meet someone in China, Malaysia, India or most other Asian countries, no matter where we go, it can’t  cost more than 5 dolars a meal, so there’s no need to worry when people say “let’s go somewhere nice!”

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