About the afterlife

A long time ago, our ancestors were having a hard time understanding the concept of death, and they couldn’t believe this was it, there had to be something else.

So they made up some pretty amazing stories which, whatever your personal opinion is on this subject, you have to admit, were amazingly creative and intricate.

Like the famous Valhalla from the vikings, the Japanese that believed we take some stairs somewhere, the Aztecs that believe we go to someplace with cute animals or to another star, if we make some sacrifice, of course.

Or the materialistic Chinese who believe you can burn some paper when you die and it will become money in the afterlife.

The Australian aborigines believed you take a boat somewhere, the Celtics said you will go to a place with dance and music, the Ashanti people in Africa who believed that when we die we still have to farm and tend the animals

The eskimos who believes when we die we just go to the moon, ancient Greeks who said you go to see hades, and hundreds of others stories from hundreds others ancient civilizations, and those ones are only the ones we know, because they developed some writing system and we could somehow figure out what they were trying to say.

And then there’s the idea of paradise, limbo, purgatory, the astral plane, some believe you just stay on this planet as a ghost, some say there are other dimensions, where you will live as a ghost or soul, and most recently, the nirvana idea, the reincarnation into some animal or different person, and the heaven or hell, but I’m sure you know that one already.

But actually, whatever is it you have been told to believe, depending on when and where were we born.

Deep inside, you know this is it, you know you’re gonna die, you know there’s just one life, this is the one, and you should make the most of it.

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