In the future I can see myself…

…building a shelter for the night and ending up staying there a few weeks because I feel sorry to abandon it after it was so hard to build.

…deciding I am not good enough, don’t want to write anymore and giving my laptop away.

…deciding I need to start writing again and getting a new laptop.

…traveling during summer with nothing but a toothbrush, tooth floss, passport and a spare pair of underwear, washing them every day in public toilets or streams and letting them dry in the sun for a while before keeping walking.

…getting arrested for:
refusing to pay a bribe
missing the immigration office or checkpoint and not getting a stamp they wanted me to get
being in the wrong place at the wrong time
disrespecting an officer of the law
having a protein or creatine powder confused by cocaine
saying something I shouldn’t about China or North Korea on the internet
being a foreigner
not registering my visa within few days of my arrival, as required by China, Russia, and some countries ending in “stan”. they can’t accept someone can be just traveling.
faking documents
disrespecting their government, their religions
working on a tourist visa

…going to live in the Amazonian rain forest, or what’s left of it and becoming a hunter/gatherer.

…going back to the city to find an internet cafe to look up how to be a hunter/gatherer.

…using my ninja skills to climb a wall and sneak into a supermarket at night because I was too hungry and couldn’t find anything to eat in the forest.

…losing my mind after not talking to anyone for a few months.

…losing my mind after coming back to the city and talking to too many people.

…becoming an eco-terrorist.

…being wrongfully accused of being an Eco-terrorist by someone reading this post.

…going to some villages near the china-north Korean border and helping the people who escape from North Korea to make it to the South Korean mission in Bangkok by hiking through the mountains in Laos or Vietnam.

…getting kidnapped and sent to North Korea.

…being tortured in a North Korean labor camp.

…escaping from North Korea.

…learning to appreciate life, freedom, love and putting my past as a tortured slave behind.

…feeling guilty about the way I abandoned all the other North Korean prisoners and putting together a suicide squad whose only mission is to rescue the other prisoners.

…devising 8 different plans to escape with all the prisoners:
digging a tunnel
by hot air balloon
wearing masks and fake IDs to pass as Chinese citizens
building a boat and sailing around North Korea until we make it to South Korea,
submarine Mexican cartel’s style
a device that would allow us to breathe underwater and swimming to South Korea
trekking through the mountains
1) find a foreigner 2) explain him the situation 3) get him to give you his passport, he can get a new one at some embassy 4) put North Korean person’s picture on it 5) ???  6) profit

…succeeding in escaping despite having all the odds against us

…feeling like I got help from someone…

…suddenly getting shot, bleeding out and dying happily because I stood for what was right and did my best to help those who needed me the most

…coming back from the future to help my past self to rescue some North Korean prisoners

…shooting my past self and seeing him bleed to death so I can close the loop and avoid paradoxes

…taking his place and making sure everyone’s safe

…using my technology from the future to rescue all the people in North Korea from their oppressors

…regretting having killed my past self 25 years ago and going back in time to stop myself from doing it

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