About argentinians and italians

“Argentinians are like Italians with an edge,” someone said that to me the other day, and I was like “oh, stop it, you!”

I liked that comparison, for the same way that I like Italians, because people from Latin America when they are among each other, I can sense some kind of rivalry among them, like Peruvians with Ecuatorians, Argentinians with chilenians or brazilians, I dont know if it’s because of the football, the wars, the borders or why, but there’s always a spark of tension in the air, but with Italians is the opposite.

They are like our brothers from another mother, like they are our brothers, but they are not really our brothers, so there’s no need to compete.

When i was in Argentina I didn’t feel close to Italians at all, it started when I left and started meeting Italians everywhere and discovering how many things we actually had in common that I had never known about. It’s the language, the culture, the way of saying things, the humor, the way of not really caring much, well, caring, but no, not really caring.

If I think of my friends from Argentina, at least 80% of them have an Italian last name and their origins can be traced back to Italy at some point, but they never bothered to get to know their Italian roots, most of them didn’t even bother to learn their language, and the ones I know they learned, are not so confident to speak it with Italians.

Which is the same reason my Italian friends don’t usually hang around with Argentinians, even though they are aware of the similarities, most times they are just not so confident about their Spanish.

But if you’re Argentinian and you start talking to, let’s say someone from Mexico or chile, and someone from Italy, I’m sure you’ll find you have more in common with the Italian.

At the same time, the Italians usually respect Argentinians because they come from a 3rd world country, and that sounds somehow hardcore to them. So that’s what I meant when I said Italians with an edge, so the Italians are quite happy to associate themselves with Argentinians, because they feel like they are more dangerous if they hang aroundthem.

The Argentinians, on the other, hand are quite happy to be associated with Italians, because they respect them, i think it’s because they are europeans minus all the atrocities that the spaniards did in south america.

So they are like the good guys.

Believe it or not, many people in south america still hold a grudge for something that happened more than 500 ago, and little do they know the religion many of them still worship to this day was the one behind funding those atrocities.

And little do they know that the people living in Spain now are not the same people who did that 500 years ago

They are different, somehow.

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