Malaysia is the place to chill

Malaysia has become the best place for people like me who have no job and need to live somewhere spending very little money.

Why Malaysia and not other SE Asian country?

Well, first of all, free visa, not like Indonesia, Laos or Phillipines which charges you 20-25 dolars per month, or Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma,  where the visa fee can be as steep as 50 dolars per month.

I’m talking about visa for westerners of course, if you’re SE Asian you usually pay no visa anyway when you visit other SE Asian countries.

Secondly, no departure fee in Malaysia, that’s right some scumbag countries like Indonesia and, Phillipines will charge you a departure fee for leaving the country, because they didn’t have enough with charging you for getting into the country, now they have to charge you for leaving the country also.

90 days visa, while all the other countries in SE Asia will just let you stay 1 month, Malaysia and Singapore will let you stay for 90 days.

Did I just mention Singapore? yeah, and you know what, this article could have been talking about Singapore instead, if it wasn’t, well you know just a tiny island inside malaysia whose inhabitants believe themselves to be better than Malaysians because of the sole fact that in Singapore everything costs 3 times as much as in Malaysia.

Malaysia is quite easy to easy to get around also, not as easy as Thailand, but here most people speak English, still relatively safe, Chinese food everywhere, Malay food everywhere, Indian food everywhere, lots of islands, no rules, no hassle, and it’s nice to see that not every girl comes with a price tag as it happens in Thailand or Philippines.`

Still quite cheaper than Thailand, maybe not as cheap as Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, etc but they make up for it by not being soooo full of garbage everywhere, of course, there’s plenty of it still, otherwise it wouldn’t be south-east Asia, but I would dare to say it’s not nearly as much as in Indonesia.

All those shenanigans still make malaysia my favorite country in SE Asia, just hoping it won’t change as Thailand did.

First time I went to Thailand it was the same as malaysia 90 days visa, no questions asked, a few years later they changed it to 2 months, then 1 month and now they let us stay for like 2 weeks.

That way they make sure there are no people just hanging around, no people who just want to relax instead of doing things in a rush, and overall make sure there are no lazy people around, no lazy people like me, with way too much free time and way too little money. 

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