Society fail

Am I the only who’s tired of his clothes?

Well, there are people on this planet, what am I saying? Of course, I’m not the only one.

The estimated time it takes me to get bored of my clothes is 2 to 3 months, so after that, I either stop wearing them or keep wearing them without feeling special anymore. I stop looking handsome and start looking dull on them. So then its easier to let them go.

In an ideal society, and by ideal I mean one that works for everyone and not for a few, instead of having thousands of clothing factories producing tons of new clothes we don’t need, so that they get accumulated at home after we get bored of them, the clothing market would work same as a library works now.

You know how you go to the library, take a book, read it, and give it back, well the same we should do with clothes.

Because it’s pointless to accumulate at home hundreds of books we have already read instead of passing them on to someone who could read them. SO why would we accumulate so many clothes we have already gotten bored of, or they don’t fit us or we don’t like them anymore?

Imagine you could just go and swap them for some you like more and change your wardrobe every second week.

Imagine you can dress as a furry today, as businessman tomorrow and show off some 60’s hippie style the day after.

Dress as Cloud Strife on the weekend, as a Teletubbie on Monday, and be a hipster on Tuesday, wouldn’t that be fun?

The reason we don’t do that is not┬áthat no one had thought about it, but because there are people who benefit from me getting bored of my wardrobe after few months.

So the reason we don’t make a library for clothing is the same one we don’t have one for tools, accessories, vehicles, magic the gathering cards and every single material thing we usually need.

It’s so that people need to keep buying stuff, the money changes hands, hence keeping the monetary economy running. That way we can keep living in a failed and decaying society.

Because a society where there are millions of homeless people in the street while we have millions of empty houses no one uses, it’s a failed society.

A┬ásociety where some people don’t have food, and the rest throw away tons of food every day it’s a failed society.

A society where some people have private swimming pools while others don’t have drinking water is a failed society.

An individualistic society, that doesn’t ensure that it’s members work together for a common goal it’s a failed society.

And a society that doesn’t teach its members to take care of one another it is indeed a failed society.


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