About KL

I always think of KL as this post-apocalyptic city, a place where life ended a while ago, and even though it’s full of people everywhere I see it as a devastated, desolated, ruined place.

Last year I thought it was the shades, but still, can’t explain why it happens only in KL.

Yesterday my friend took me for volunteer work at the Zoo Negara, and it was such a great experience, all these years living in the city I had forgotten how much I love working for the animals, feeding them, cleaning, and looking after them.

And all those months living in Korea and eating spicy kimchi, rice and noodles I had forgotten how food tastes like.

In SE Asia food has so many different flavors from different cultures and so many spices and all those smells mixing together on the street, here I always think, this is how food should taste like.

I’ll update soon 🙂

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