Whatever 10

Bruno: I’m sick and tired of this. Enough is enough, this system is corrupted, I don’t want anything to do with it anymore.

Friend: Oh boy, here we go.

Bruno: Seriously,  I’m not gonna worship money, I’m tired of everything and I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. 

Friend: That’s great, because I don’t want you to live on this planet anymore.

Bruno: You need me.

Friend: Yeah whatever, what happened now?

Bruno: I lost everything.

Friend: Like what? You have nothing.

Bruno: I have some stuff.

Friend: Like what?

Bruno: Just stuff.

Friend: Pokemon trading cards?

Bruno: No, some other stuff.

Friend: What stuff?

Bruno: Stuff you don’t know about.

Friend: Either way, it sounds like good news to me, if you lost everything now you are free to do anything! 

Bruno: What do you mean?

Friend: It’s like pressing the reset button. Now you have nothing to lose anymore so just start over.

Bruno: And do what?

Friend: Do what you’ve always wanted, of course, become a shepherd in Mongolia.

Bruno: What? No, I don’t want to go to Mongolia.

Friend: Why not, what’s wrong with Mongolia?

Bruno: No fruits there for me to eat, no job prospects, landlocked, flight is expensive, visa is expensive, hard to get and for a very short time.

Friend: All the government’s fault, right?

Bruno: Exactly, why do I have to go to the embassy of Mongolia and being treated like a criminal, give them lots of money and lots of papers. It’s idiotic, I was born on this planet, it should be my right to visit it and come and go as I please.

Friend: Who do you think you are? You have no rights, you little punk..

Bruno: I’m an earthling, I was born here, I deserve it.

Friend: No rights for you young man.

Bruno: Why not?

Friend: You know why not.

Bruno: Because fuck me?

Friend: Exactly.

Bruno: Whatever then.

Friend: Hahaha, poor loser! Take that you little son of a…

Bruno: Ouch, why was that for?

Friend: For wanting to go to Mongolia. I don’t know who do you think you are.

Bruno: Actually, it was you who said I should go to Mongolia in the first place.

Friend: You liar, piece of sh…

Bruno: I don’t know why I hang out with you. 

Friend: Whatever, move along. 




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