About Couchsurfing 3

Traveling using Couchsurfing is like living a different life every day.
Today you’re part of a group of students, staying in the student dormitory, playing Diablo 3, partying all night, eating instant noodles and living the life if a student.

Tomorrow suddenly you are part of a nuclear family, with children, pets, and everything, you have family dinners, you talk about how your day was and then you sit on the couch to watch tv with the family.

After a few days with the family, you decide to leave the idiosyncrasies of the big city, just to find yourself staying at a farm, and helping around, picking vegetables and harvesting the land, waking up at 5 and going to bed at 9pm, getting in touch with nature, wildlife and your environment.

Next, you have decided to do some volunteer work at your local school, helping the students and the management run the school. After school, you go swimming and playing sports with the students, and in the evening you enjoy an outdoor bbq or ice cream in the park.
The week after, you have found a couch on a boat! so you can go sailing, and enjoy the sunset on the horizon.
And after that you go spend a few days at the temple, helping around in the kitchen, with the cleaning and taking your time to learn from the monks, to live in the present, to enjoy and be aware of every minute spent, meditate to get in touch and understand yourself a bit more.
All those experiences in just a few weeks, without spending any money, making friends for life and all thanks to one website, one website that brings people together, breaking the barriers of language and culture, helping us see that we are all connected, we are all here to help and learn from each other each other.

We are all here to understand each other.


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