The meaning of life

me: how have you been?

Ale: good, and you?
me: not bad
any news?

Ale: not really
me: did you find the meaning of life?

Ale: yes

me: 42?

Ale: nop
it has the meaning each one of us wants to give it
if you want to suffer, no matter what happens, you will feel suffering
if you want to learn, no matter what happens, you are going to learn
if you want to enjoy, no matter what happens, you are going to enjoy
that is it!

me: tell me more

Ale: there is always a way out of this life at least
that is death
what happens there, I have an idea
without the body, everything is an experience
neither good nor bad
when we have a body then we start qualifying

me: i dont get it

Ale: you qualify an experience
as good or bad
but things happen
they are not good or bad
something good, with the perspective of time might not be as good as you thought
and vice versa
Ale: and then, depending on the person you are now, you will tend to judge or see or focus on the “bad stuff” or the “good stuff”
there is plenty of both
but you decide if you want to focus on the bad stuff, you will likely suffer
suffer yourself, suffer on behalf of other, nature, society
whatever you choose
and this is for the people who are more or less aware
the rest of the people are simple
like ants

me: they are just there

Ale: yes
eating, shitting, working, having sex
they would not even begin to question
Then you question
and you find all the bad stuff first
(that is the normal way, I would say)
(normal = common)

me: got it

Ale: then you get fed up with the crap…and might change lens to look at the world

me: makes sense

me: so, now that you found the meaning of life, what’s left to do?
live it and enjoy it?
Ale: that is what I chose
and learn

me: learn what?

Ale: everything I can
or feel like

 me: cool, talk to you later then


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