Whatever 7

Friend: have you ever thought about having a baby?

Bruno: Not really, I think we have way too many people already on this planet, we don’t need anymore.

Friend: But it’s the circle of life, we have to keep procreating.

Bruno: Indefinitely? 

Friend: Yes, like the stupid animals we are.

Bruno: But… almost people already and counting, one million more people every four days, every second 2 people are born, isn’t that enough? It’s not like we are facing extinction or anything.

Friend: Anyway, it’s what’s expected from you, you’re almost 30, gotta start procreating already.

Bruno: Wtf! I’m like no way near 30, I’m 27.

Friend: It’s a good time to have a baby.

Bruno: We don’t even have enough resources to take care of all the people we have now, why do we have to keep having more and more? Every baby born needs shelter, clothes, electricity, tons of food and water, we are not even able to provide for all the people we have now, and you want to keep adding more people?

Friend: Poor people are not your problem, you have to take care of yourself, and think about your future.

Bruno: I am a poor person, and I can barely take care of myself, how do you expect me to take care of a baby? And most important, why? why on earth would I ever want to do that? 

Friend: Because it’s what’s expected.

Bruno: Not a good reason.

Friend: Because you can.

Bruno: Still not a good reason.

Friend: Because then they can support you and take care of you when you are old.

Bruno: I’m not asian, I don’t need my children to support me or take care me, I’ll rather take care of myself.

Friend: But you will be blind.

Bruno: I’ll be fine.

Friend: You will die.

Bruno: I’ll learn to astral project, telekinesis, telepathy or something like that.

Friend: Right.

Bruno: Really, you don’t think I can do it?

Friend: Of course not.

Bruno: Why not?

Friend: Because those things don’t really exist. 

Bruno: Not yet, but I can be the first one to discover them.

Friend: But that falls into the category of the paranormal, like the gods, astrology, angels, or ghosts, and you always say you don’t believe in the paranormal.

Bruno: True, but If I can prove it, it will stop being paranormal, it will become a fact. Then I can believe in it because it’s just there.

Friend: You think too much, you better have a baby, so that he will take care of you.

Bruno: No way. You expect me to just ignore all the overpopulation and environmental problems and think just about my own selfish future.

Friend: Exactly.

Bruno: Why would I?

Friend: Because everyone else does.

Bruno: Not everyone else, most people yes, not everyone.

Friend: Still.

Bruno: My father had way more babies that he could take care of, more than he could provide for, nevertheless, he decided to keep having babies, and he decided to take care of the other babies instead of taking care of me, so I had to suffer because of that, because he couldn’t provide for me. I’m not a man of means so I wouldn’t be able to provide for my babies either, why would I make them go through the same I went through for not having enough food.

Friend: Looks like someone has daddy issues.

Bruno: No way, it’s just an example, and supposing I WERE a man of means, and I was able to provide for them, how could I ever live with myself knowing there are so many children in the world that have no one to take care of them, waiting for someone to adopt them, and I selfishly decided to bring a new baby to this planet while there are so many that have no parents.

Friend: How about passing on your genes or genetic material?

Bruno: No need to do that.

Friend: How about passing on your legacy, all the things you have learned, and all the things you know to future generations.

Bruno: There is no such a legacy, the only thing I know is that I’m never gonna have children.

Friend: Never say never.

Bruno: You just said it twice.

Friend: Whatever.

Bruno: Yeah, Whatever.

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